Color e-readers to be released by Amazon later this year


Back then, e-book readers and tablets are incomparable, especially with the limited capabilities that the former has to offer. However, today’s advancement in technology allows eBook readers to be more or less similar to the features of tablets.

Amazon, the creator of Kindle Fire, can be considered responsible for the drastic improvements in today’s eBook readers. In fact, they are even planning to add features that we’ve never expected that we’ll see in e-readers. The company is currently organizing the release of a new line of tablets and with this in progress, it will be no surprise if the Kindle Fire will be on top of its game in a few years. Rumors even have it that Amazon will be releasing colored eBook readers in the market in the second half of the year, which makes fans more excited than ever. There are even news of the reader’s components being shipped as of the moment that we speak, for the production of the newest colored e-readers.

The mono-color Kindle is currently at 79USD to 189USD, and it is safe to assume that the colored Kindles will reach up to 300USD in the market. Instead of the infrared touch panels that current Kindle readers are using, Amazon is planning to utilize multi-touch capacitive touch panels for its future line of colored eBook readers.

The company that will be responsible for providing the parts to Amazon are also revealed by some sources. TPK, the company who has assisted Amazon with the production of the Kindle Fire last year, is rumored to be supplying the Amazon with the necessary parts for their colored eBook readers. Although other companies such as Wintek and Jtouch were also involved in the production of the Kindle Fire, sources believe that TPK will be tying up with Amazon on a much larger scale in this particular case.

Lastly, according to estimations, a total of six million e-book readers are expected to be shipped by Amazon in 2012. However, there is no specific information if those numbers refer to the overall expected sales of all e-book readers, or if it only includes the new colored eBook readers.

This entire report should not be taken too seriously though, due to the fact that official sources have yet to confirm a single piece of information that is spreading like wild fire. There is still however, the possibility that the rumors are true, so it is only advisable that you keep updated if you are more than excited with the new Kindle Fire.

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