Mobile Gaming is now a Priority


The mobile market it veering from the limited to the limitless possibilities. With technology getting smaller, lighter, and the innovations in high definition screens, your smartphone is a platform for the latest games. This value is now being recognized by mobile creators and your mobile entertainment is their first priority. With the introduction of tablets, the possibilities of mobile gaming are becoming less limited. Now the option of higher quality games is a possibility for those mobile users looking for the entertainment offered at home no matter where they may venture.


More than just entertainment:

The reasoning behind the mobile makers to devote their time and resources goes beyond just entertainment. It has been proven in the past that games help with the adoption of technology with consumers. This means that new technology can be embraced by more consumers if they offer entertainment options proprietary to the gadget. For instance, many gamers choose their platform whether it is PS3, PC, Xbox, or Wii, based on the games available. In mobile gaming this will be the same concept. Mobile makers will be creating games proprietary to their gadgets and unavailable for download to others.


Higher Quality Devices, Higher Quality Gaming:

If you are used to the mobile games currently available, you will notice the quality is suitable for a phone but less than suitable for a gamer. However, with new processors emerging for mobile phones you will see an increase in game quality that one day is expected to rival console gaming systems. There will be brighter colors, more detail, more options, faster processing during play, and even massive multiplayer role playing games that will offer ongoing entertainment and expansion packs.


Drain your time, not your power:

As with any mobile device, your battery life is important for continued use. With higher quality games, the question many users have is will it drain the battery faster? With Nvidia’s Tegra 3 processor being utilized in many of the devices that will be offering console quality mobile gaming, the battery life is not an issue. The processor offers the speed and power required to run the game without any extra battery power. This is going to allow mobile makers the opportunity to let their creativity run wild without worrying about the need for extended battery life.


Current games won’t be left out:

Even with the new emphasis on high quality gaming for your mobile phone, there will still be room for the current games available for your phone. Games such as Angry Birds will still have their place in the mobile gaming community. With the differences in preference between gamers, you can still expect to see the smaller flash games be developed and released alongside the console quality games of the very near future.


Gaming is coming a long way for the mobile users. From multiplayer games such as role-playing games, first person shooters, casino-style gaming, and driving games, to the smaller flash games, your mobile phone will soon offer even more in entertainment. The future of mobile gaming is looking brighter and more detailed.

Jeremy Miller is an avid poker player and content contributor for, a site offering live casino-style action for players at home.

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