USB Stereo at $50


If you are willing to buy a new USB Stereo then you could get in puzzle how to get a suitable portable speaker. In the typical fact, portable speakers don’t give it’s portability as; it may sound too good or may be too bad. So far, Altec launched its new form of speaker named Orbit USB Stereo with its new and well formed design. The advancing features of Orbit USB Stereo has its two separate PC speakers that should not be connected to the electric source line and that draws the sound and the source of power from PC by means of USB port which results no concern in batteries and charger anymore. Any equipment is not fully perfect same goes to the Orbit USB Stereo; it has a drawback since it can’t be used in any iPods or sound source that lacks the USB ports. So as for the explorers who are looking for the trouble-free sound system simply could get one. But for the most qualitative audio experience, the system doesn’t suit you.

Moreover, each of the speakers contains a 1.7 inches driver concealed underneath a black plastic frame. Both of the speaker features long hard cables snapped together to form a long speaker set. It has the weight across 12.8 ounces with 2.6 inches diagonal and 9.5 inches in length and if separated, it measures 2.6 inch across and 4.7 inches in length. Diagrammatically, the speaker gives the sensation of industrial look like Expression list as well. Each of the speaker has kickstand beneath which literally angles the driver upward positioning intended for better listening and when the speaker is in idle state, the kickstand could possibly be folded back along the contour of the speaker. As a whole, the right speaker is connected through the USB cable and 3.5mm measuring cable pull out from the left to right speaker. The negative aspect is that the left speaker doesn’t work as Auxiliary input. Another imperfection is that there is the absence of the volume controls in the speaker system so as all the adjustments should be performed with the PC manually. So, it costs more than this portable sound system with the same power it performs. Even though $50 tool can’t be nagged so hard and the Orbit USB Stereo sound suits the amount you pay for it but it’s clear that it can be used either in home, hotel rooms as well as picnic spot being the best one. With its compact design, low price tag and the clever idea it consist you should not be expecting more features than that with such a simple, portable PC speaker. And if you are looking for the seamless speaker that fits your budget and don’t occupy more of the space for the reason of the portability then, Altec Lancing Orbit USB Stereo could be a well gained payout. Even though on advancing some bucks of $50 could possibly be an enhanced idea, you could spend the minimum for a sound system.

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