What Is Your Company Missing In Email Deliverability?


Email Deliverability

As many companies move away from the cumbersome forms of in-house email servers, they are realizing that there are now more options available than ever for their business needs. Instead of relying on outdated ways of tracking emails, companies can now rely on the latest cloud technology to ensure that they are efficiently tracking each email that they send.

If your email servers are not giving you all of these features, then you are missing out on a more lucrative email campaign:

* ISP monitoring
* Domain logs
* Feedback loops
* Link customization
* Unique IP addresses

How to Make a Decision on Your Email Deliverability Server

Instead of basing your smtp email delivery needs on antiquated notions that you do not really need, why not get involved with one of the latest SMTP technology companies and find out what they can do for your company? By meeting with these professionals, you can learn about the different features that are available, and which ones your company could best benefit from. You can also discuss price to make an informed decision that you will be happy with.

What are the Benefits of Email Deliverability Tracking Servers?

As most companies will tell you, about one fifth of all business emails never even reach their final destination. This is due to server errors, broken emails, and other problems that can easily occur when a company is using out of date technology to try to keep up with email performance issues.

By embracing the latest API technology, businesses can easily integrate their email systems and choose from API, SMTP, Web API, Event API, and more. This means that you can fully integrate in minutes and have your emails sent out quicker than you ever thought possible.

Some of the Available Tracking Features of SMTP Servers Include:

* Statistics
* Requests
* Delivered
* Bounces
* Spam reports
* Invalid email requests
* Unique click tracking
* Unsubscribe tracking
* Blocking
The great part of these servers is that you are able to view all of this information at a glance, right from your very own dashboard. This allows you to see right away how effective your email campaigns are. It also helps you to fine tune your campaigns and make changes to subsequent campaigns for greater effectiveness.

No matter how large or how small your business is, you can benefit from smtp email delivery tracking. No longer being tied down to ineffective email servers allows you to remove the headaches associated with these outdated methods and focus on the important aspects of running your company.

You can finally get real time analytic information on your email campaigns without difficulty. These servers take over all of the technical aspects of email tracking and you reap the benefits. It is the best way to fully understand how effective your email programs are and which campaigns are garnering the best outcomes.

Contact an SMTP company today and allow them to help you learn which email deliverability tracking package will work best for your company’s needs.

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Anne Harvester is an expert on information regarding email deliverability and that features that are offered within email services. Anne refers to Send Grid for information about email delivery.

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