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The game industry spits out games on a daily basis, some better than others. However, there are a few games out there where the developers have put a huge amount of effort in to perfecting and developing the story and characters whilst they have let the game play and graphics suffer. These games could’ve made excellent movies if the story had been preserved for the movie industry. Here we look at a list of games that would have been better as films.


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Take on the role as one of the four horsemen as he is banished from the others after he is fooled to intervene on earth, the only real no-no for these protectors of the balance between good and evil. The game offers a huge amount of potential, but the very boring combat parts makes it feel very repetitive. If a movie company would’ve put some money into an on-screen production we could’ve had a fantasy epic on our hands.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

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There are a wide array of different Batman movies, some better than others. However, one of the best stories out there is Arkham Asylum where we see Batman stripped of most his fancy gadgets and getting down and dirty with his enemies. In his hunt for the Joker on Arkham Island, the Dark Knight finishes off several brutal enemies and uses his wit, skill and superior strength to yet again save the world from its foes.

Mirror’s Edge

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This game, produced by Battlefield 3 studio Dice, was hailed when it was first released. However, the dynamics of the game got more attention than the actual story, a story with a huge amount of potential. A rogue delivery girl in a futuristic, Big Brother, inspired world could’ve made such a great movie story. Even though the Big Brother theme has been explored in several movies, this game took it to a different level as the female heroine used a particular set of skills to accomplish her goals. The game has sort of fallen out of people’s memory, but the story is one well worth investing in if a film studio needs a new blockbuster movie.

Left 4 Dead

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Many people have hailed Left 4 Dead as one of the top shooter games out there. But the realistic approach would be to see what amazing movie aspect the game has. In fact, the creators, Valve, even built the game as a series of movies with different acts and story lines. If one took the concept of 4 people left in a Zombie apocalypse and turned it in to a movie about the shooting and the group dynamics rather than how to save the world, it would be an instant hit. Unlike other zombie movies, these people don’t set out to change the fate of the world or take revenge, they fight only for their own survival.


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This special response force works with the supernatural and the lead man was himself a part of an experiment. The game play in this is decent but they miss out on so much story potential when they make it more about the guns and killing than the great story. Psychologically controlled soldiers would make a brilliant story for a film and it would without a doubt be one of the best action-thrillers over the last decade or so if the casting was done properly. Unfortunately the story has now been used and re-used with the F.E.A.R sequel, something that will put off any potential movie investors.

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