Is Your Website 'Mobile Ready'?


We are becoming a society of mobile information consumers, and some businesses aren’t keeping up with this trend. In order to provide consumers with the information they desire when they want it, it is vital every organization spend some time adapting their website for mobile viewing. Not taking this step could mean potential customers may look to another organization which readily provides the informational the individual is seeking right at their ‘mobile’ finger tips.

There was a time when adapting a website for mobile viewing was a bit cumbersome. However, in just a few short years, a significant number of these challenges to making a website easily viewable on a mobile device have been remedied. These “advances” mean a business has no reason not to take the time to ensure their content is easily viewable via a mobile device.

However, even if you incorporate Responsive Website Design to enhance the view-ability of your website via a mobile device, there are still several layout and messaging changes which need to be made. These changes are less about formatting to allow the content to be easily read and more about responding to the change in consumer habits when product and service information is viewed on a mobile device. Two of these key changes are to:

Place key messages early on in the website text. When viewing content on a computer screen, it is desirable to have important information near the center of the screen. Formatting for this type of viewing means there is plenty of room to provide background or build a case for a consumer’s need of your product or service. When content is viewed on a mobile device, people need to see the key facts and information much sooner. With our increasingly short attention spans, if a searcher doesn’t find the desired information fairly quickly on a website, they will move on to another in their quest for information. Therefore, be strategic with each word you use in your opening paragraph. Further be clear on and prioritize your key selling features.

Provide a strong simple call to action. On a website, an organization is able to provide several calls to action and try to appeal to a multitude of audiences. A website optimized for mobile viewing doesn’t have this luxury. With considerably less real estate, it is important that an organization place its most compelling call to action prominently on the site. In an attempt to successfully drive the mobile website viewer’s behavior, an organization may want to rotate its various calls to action as it determines which one best drives the desired behavior.

If you’re struggling with this conversion, consider asking for help. Local internet marketing services can often make the best use of your time and resources while also ensuring your content will display in a mobile ready format that has attention catching presence.

Chris Marentis is an authority on local internet marketing and CEO of Surefire Social.

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