Android Gamepads: The Future Of Mobile Gaming (MJ)


With the continuous technological innovations and advancements, the Android industry has undergone a radical evolution, and now finally, your dream of enjoying some hard-core gaming on your phone, no matter where you are, is coming true! However, controlling these games on your mobile phone device can be a little tricky, in this article we will discuss the need and the various benefits of Android gamepads.

In order to enjoy a serious gaming experience, we recommend you to use the new gamepad. There are two basic ways to connect an android game pad: a wired connection and a wireless connection.

The wired connection is the easy, traditional method, which requires a device that supports OTG along with a USB gamepad. However, the cable will restrain your movements, and you will have to enjoy your game seated in one place. If you are planning to go for the wireless gamepads, you have two main options. Firstly, the PS3 and PS4 devices, however, that would require you to hack the firmware due to lack of administrator rights. The most suitable option is the specialized Android gamepads, of which the most popular are the MOGA devices, which are specifically adapted to your Android device, and do not require being connected.

While selecting an Android Controller, be sure to evaluate the mounting and positioning of the controller, along with the availability and number of control sticks. Also, another important feature to examine is to determine whether the Special Android controller is compatible to your Android device, gamepad, and lastly, the game itself.

Android Gamepads: The Future Of Mobile Gaming (MJ)

Now, let us take a look at some of the best and leading Android Gamepads.

POWER A MOGA Pro Power – Electronic

This is a trending and innovative development, this $49.99 gamepads significantly facilitates gaming with its large dimensions, two analog sticks and 2200 MAh battery. However, this device is not compatible with phones that do not support HID.

POWER A MOGA Hero Power – Electronic Games

This new device is a small gamepad, with an 1800 MAh battery, and lesser space as compared to its predecessor. The current price is $35.23

MOGA Mobile Gaming System for Android 2.3+

This $13.75 gamepad is basically the cheapest first-time option for new Android gamers experimenting with the gamepad. The device does not have a built-in battery and its stick are attached within the foundation. I

iPega Wireless Bluetooth Telescopic Game Controller Joystick For IOS iPhone iPod iPad Samsung HTC Moto Android PC IP117

This is a remarkable and multi-purpose device, you can even insert a 10 inch wide tablet into its handles! Its 3800 mAH battery lets you enjoy 20 hours of uninterrupted gaming, in the price of $26.99.

Samsung Smartphone Gamepad Bluetooth NFC HID Android Apps

A remarkably assembled device with 2 analog sticks, 4 buttons, 2 rear levers, and a metal holder that facilitates the secure positioning of your smart phone. Samsung promises you a quality product at the price of $190.

SUNNYPEAK® Wireless Bluetooth Remote Controller Compatible with 3D VR Glasses Google Cardboard Selfie Camera Shutter Gamepad Wireless Mouse Music Player iPhone iPad Ebook Tablet PC TV (Black)

This is a versatile device, which can be alternated as a remote control and even be connected to Smart TV, Smart phones or laptops through Bluetooth. This product works wonders when used with Oculus Rift! It is amazingly cheap at the price of $12.99

Some other interesting options for you to consider include the Mad Catz C.T.R.L.R Mobile Gamepad for Android, Amazon Fire TV, Smart Devices, PC and M.O.J.O. Micro-Console at the price of $41.72, the Nyko Playpad Pro for Android/Bluetooth at the price of $19.50, the SteelSeries Free Mobile Wireless Gaming Controller with Bluetooth for Smart Phones, Tablets, PC and Mac at the price of $23 and the Phonejoy Bluetooth Game Controller for Android and iCade at the price of $79.90.

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