Archos 5 Internet Tablet with Android


Archos 5 Internet Tablet Review

Quick Look: This Internet Tablet is a nippy web browser with a huge battery life, and nearly endless list of functionalities and product features. At a maximum retail price of close to four hundred dollars one has to be convinced of this device prior to purchase.

Pluses: Handles it all. Think of any AV, Internet, Web, Video, Still camera feature and this has it together with a battery, which can fully support this array. The touchsrceen with high resolution is a plus for web site and video viewing.

Archos 5 Internet Tablet Review

Minuses: Steep starting price of $380 made worse by costs for unlocking of other features.


Acrhos 5 provides handsome versatility. Though it fits into a large pocket it yet looks big enough to stand tall like a laptop.  This version is a good looker in terms of both hard and software.

Despite some initial difficulties the tablet is essentially stable and has enhanced battery life. Surfing and interface navigation is neat and swift.

Basic Audio and Video Playback

Archos 5 gives smooth playback for both audio and video. The screen is clarity at best with the 800×400 screen showing videos marvelously.  The suggested battery life of 7 hours for playback of videos performed up to six hours and fifteen minutes despite the turned on Wi-Fi. For audio play it is recommended for almost a full day but fell 4 hours of short of a day despite the Wi-Fi .

Browsing the Web

The browser is quick in response and speed. The 800X400 screen allowing full view of websites with regularity.

If you are YouTube junkie the Archos 5 Internet Tablet could disappoint, as it is intermittent with web videos. The stand-alone Dailymotion player too is in the same intermittent delivery category.

With good battery life the tablet works well for browsing the normal stuff .A keyboard with the needed speed and neat rendering of the 4.8inch LCD works well. Battery life is good staying alive for five hours under heavy testing.


Archos 5 Internet Tablet Review
The Archos 5 Internet opens up for a plethora of pay and free applications found in the Android range. The downer is that despite the 800×480 screen resolution, lack of Home and Back hardware puts it outside the list of compatible devices for the Android (1.5). However Archos has done something about it and launched it’s own app store into the device, called AppsLib. It is not as comprehensive as the Android range but could get built up.



If what you need is a good looking portable media player which is not heavy with the primary use being playback of video and audio files then the Archos 5 Internet Tablet is your baby with the extra satisfaction from browsing a great GPS and some useful   software programs. The cost of Archos 5 is certainly a concern. If something could be done about the further cost for unlocking features this device can become an exciting prospect.

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