Ceramic Speakers by Joey Roth


Ceramic Speakers by Joey Roth

Short version: Totally unique, these are truly designer speakers with excellent sound as well. The appearance will always be controversial and the omission of a sub woofer makes the bass sound awry, but it is a good audio solution.

Features: uniqueness is the most outstanding feature. Other than that we could talk about the ceramic housing, with cork connectors, which are embedded, the case, which is of milled steel and the amp placed in a cast iron case. Amp is based on Tripath 2024 T-Amp. Frequency range of 70Hz-20kHz and a 15W/channel.

Pros: You need to get past the shock at which stage it almost looks obscene. Amazingly it transfers to good looking and even gorgeous. The sound is very clear the bass restricted only by the limit of the speaker.

Cons: The bass can’t do the real low one, and the sound is somewhat directional. The lack of an integrated headphone jack could be frustrating.

Full review:

A lot to get used to, if the Logitech has been your companion up until now.

The most outstanding feature is the design and therefore should be addressed as a priority. Has been considered fantastic to chic. Fantastic is also the word that has been used to describe the amp with the wooden volume knob, which is smooth and felted, completed with the metal finish. Liking these speakers might mean you have to re decorate the place where you place them. Will definitely change the current mood. In terms of size of they may look juice glass dimension but it is more breakfast bowl dimensions.  They are placed on a self-assembled wooden platform with serious looking 16 gauge cables connecting to a development from the digital T-amp. The banana plugs are not straightforward but that does reinforce the specialty of this audio equipment.

It takes some time to warm up but when you push the knobs after being at medium volume for a while you realize that it can make volume. Not surprising since the driver units are way wider than the once we are used to.

A few concerns where songs rely on low frequencies but with almost all genres’ of music, movies. Shows, games and plus and play devices it sounds fantastic.

For those who switch speakers and headphones please keep in mind the lack of an integrated headphone jack. The current trend of using USB does make this less of an irritant.


At $ 500 there will be many voices against it. View it as a niche product and you begin to understand it. When you want something loud enough and clear enough, but yet with intrigue to make it an interesting object the Ceramic Speakers by Joey Roth cuts it well. It is beautiful if the setting is right. What setting am I thinking of. An up market apartment. Full of futuristic appliances and designer interior. The Ceramic Speakers by Joey Roth will fit in with perfection.


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