How to Setup the Connection of the PC Speakers to the TV?

PC Speakers

PC Speakers

When you like to hear your TV entertainment on a broader environment, you can connect your computer speakers with your television set. This is something that majority of the PC users do quite often. But what is the harm in learning the methods afresh? This is an easy task! The reasons for setting the computer speakers with the TV can be many. You may wish to transfer the TV audio to the speakers or you may like to have superior audio output than the TV set.

No matter what your reason is, online computer support experts will help you to set the connection in the apt way. In majority of the cases, the AV cable can suffice your needs in connecting the two devices while in others you may need to have RCA adapter switch.

Connecting Your PC Speakers with TV Set

First Method – Majority of the large TV sets are equipped with RCA ports. You only have to get one dual RCA stereo male to stereo female Y cable. You have to insert the RCA plug in the RCA port of your TV set and stereo jack at the other end of your cable into the stereo cable present in your PC’s speakers. If you can successfully do this, you can transfer your TV audio output to your PC speakers.

Second Method – as the second method, you can use dual RCA stereo male into stereo male Y cable. Don’t think that you will not need RCA port in this method. Like the first method, one end of the cable will be inserted into your TV’s RCA port and unlike the other method; the other end will be plugged into Line-In jack at your PC’s back side. Once you have connected to the Line-In jack, you have to set the connection of your computer speakers into Line-Out jack present in the sound card.

Don’t you know the Line-In and Line-Out jack? The Line-In jack is a blue round jack and the Line-Out jack is a green round jack. In this method you need to use your CPU.

Third Method – In this method, you are required to have stereo male and female cable connection. If you plan to use this method, you need to have the TV headphone jack for connecting the computer speakers. Take the cable and connects its one end to headphone jack of the television and other end to the PC speakers. Isn’t this a simple process?

Fourth Method – In this method you should have stereo male to male jack and the CPU as the intermediary connector. Take this cable and connect its one end to the TV’s headphone jack and its other end to Line-In jack of the CPU. After this, you must connect the speakers to Line-Out jack. You are expected to hear the sound you expect.

To make your task easier and faster, you should take the help of competent PC repair professionals. Their guidance is really helpful in all aspects. Call them up and you will understand the difference!

Author’s Bio: Several online computer repair companies are available across the nation. Get skilled PCTV support services to fulfill your needs.

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