The Benefits Of Pallet Covers


Pallets are typically made of wood and are used to transport goods. They provide a flat surface for which to pile up and stock physical products. Pallets can also be made of plastic, metal, and paper too. Products that might be transported using a pallet can include, but are not limited to; foods, electronics, bottled goods, flat-pack furniture, and sports gear.

In order for a pallet to be effective, the items must be secured onto the pallet. One way of doing this is to use ties. These are robust lengths of nylon that are wrapped around the pallet and good, and then are tightened to secure the load. These have a habit of slipping and are in danger of being worn away. Given that there is only a small width of nylon, it can be risky to use this method of securing pallets. One benefit is the low cost, as there is much less material being used.

Pallet covers are a much more secure and ensure an almost guaranteed safe delivery of the items enclosed. Using strong and durable polythene pallet covers, a pallet load can be wrapped tightly to ensure minimum movement of the items, and a well-spread balance of strength and pressure. If one part of the wrapping is breached, the item is hardly weakened, as the rest of the pallet is secured tightly still.

Pallet covers and nylon ties both allow the transportation of a pallet by forklift, and do not affect the mobility of the items. Pallets are typically transported by truck, ship, or air freight. There are three main types of pallet that are recognised, although there may be many more unorthodox types across the world. The three main types are; stringer pallets, perimeter base pallets, and block pallets.

The difference is mainly in the structures of them, and the strength and application of the pallet. For example, stringer pallets are often referred to as two-way pallets as they and only be lifted by a forklift from one of two sides. A block pallet, however, can be accessed from four sides and are typically stronger than stringer pallets. Pallet covers will fit any type of pallet and will always increase both the strength and application of the pallet type.

Pallet covers are a fantastic way to secure your items and protect them, whether it’s from movements, or the elements, the benefits of pallet covers outweigh the argument to use nylon ties in modern society.

Polythene UK specialist in pallet covers, as well as polyolefin shrink film and environmentally friendly biodegradeable bags.

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