Three Very Simple Ways to Save Tons of Money on Printer Ink


If you or your company does a lot of printing, you probably spend a lot of money on printer ink. By comparison, printer ink is actually one of the most expensive liquids in the entire world, costing about $2,700 a gallon. If you’re spending too much money on dell toner, there are some ways you can save a lot of money on printer ink. Obviously being careful with what you’re printing is one way, but sometimes even if you’re very conscious about what you need to print you still end up spending a lot of money on printing ink. If you’re looking for some easy ways to save some cash on printing ink, check out the following suggestions that may help you spend less on ink.

Get a New Printer

You might think that getting a new printer won’t do anything to help you save money on printing ink, but it might in fact be the easiest way to save the most money on ink. Opt to invest in a higher quality printer then the one you currently have if you currently find yourself spending too much money on printer ink. Higher quality printers end up costing less than cheaper printers in the long run, as they are much better at conserving ink. A printer that requires ink cartridges that cost nearly the same amount of the printer mean that you are getting a higher cost per page. The cost per page for printing varies between 2 cents and 20 cents per page, and usually the ink cartridge or printer will tell you what your cost average is. If the cost is closer to 20 cents, you’re spending way too much on printing and you should consider getting a better printer.

Check Your Settings

Many printers offer different quality settings for your print jobs. Setting the printer on a lower setting means that you’ll use less ink and the printer will print faster, and usually the notice in quality between the quality settings isn’t that dramatic. If you’re using the printer to print mostly internal documents and memos or drafts of things, make sure you have the printer set on the lowest quality setting. It will save lots of ink. You really only need to use the high quality setting if you’re printing external documents or high glossy photos, so be conscious of what quality setting you’re using.

Refill Your Ink Cartridges

Many people throw their ink cartridges away when they run out of ink instead of taking them somewhere to get them refilled. You can take your old cartridges to places like Costco or Walgreens, and they’ll refill it for you. If you keep the cartridge in good condition it can usually be refilled up to six times, for significantly cheaper than it would cost to by a new one. Sometimes it can cost one third of the price of a new cartridge to just refill a cartridge. These refilling services won’t refill every type of printing cartridge, and often only fill the most common types, so make sure that your cartridge is eligible to be refilled before you take it in.

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