PPC VS SEO: Which Is Better For Your Business?


Determining whether PPC or SEO is best is one of the main decisions you will have to make when promoting your business on the Internet.

Whether you opt go with SEO or pay per click for getting traffic and leads for you business, depends upon the nature of your business. Which you choose also has to do with your keywords and the types of competition you face. To a very large extent it depends on what kind of budget you have. Both options have the same goal of getting your business traffic and providing you with leads. Pay-per-click involves you paying money for your website’s traffic, while SEO involves getting your traffic via search engine results.

How do PPC Ads Work?
PPC ads are those that are seen in search engines at the tops and sides of the results pages. The advertiser pays a certain amount of money each time a visitor clicks. There are PPC management services that can help you to efficiently run your campaigns utilizing these ads.

Factors to Consider When Comparing PPC to SEO
• PPC is faster and easier to implement than SEO, which can be extremely difficult and may require specialized knowledge. Using organic SEO methods can take a long time as tweaking content on your website over many months may be necessary.

• PPC ads offer the advertiser full control over how much money is spent on advertising as they get to set the cost of clicks along with the wording in their ads. It is also possible for them to target different locations easily as well as to schedule when they have their ads shown. A PPC agency can help with all this.

• With PPC, your business is guaranteed to show up on search results pages, SEO offers no such reassurances.

• With PPC advertising you are not limited to the keywords around which your site is built, meaning that there is greater flexibility for your wording.

Common PPC Concerns
Among the factors that worry some people who are new to PPC advertising is the potential for click fraud. For example, this can happen when unscrupulous competitors click the PPC ads of a rival repeatedly in the hopes of costing them money. Click fraud should not discourage anyone considering PPC advertising for their business as there are measures in place for preventing it. Another factor is the cost, and the misconception that while PPC ads cost money, SEO is free. The ideal way to determine whether or not PPC ads are worth it is how much your business gets in return for its investment. A PPC management agency will be able to provide you with more information on how PPC that is properly implemented can benefit your enterprise.

PPC is the best option for a website that is having trouble generating organic traffic or that has not sufficient time to build search engine rankings. This includes those sites that have lots of established competition and where it will take a long time to rise to the first results page. This type of advertising is also useful for seasonal promotions and other types of advertising that you need to be able to turn off when necessary.

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