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4 Businesses Who Owe Their Success To Social Media


Marketing companies have long realised the opportunities lying in social media. Well before Facebook became the playground of billions of users, companies started to create pages, apps and games designed for the site. At first, nobody believed that the app market and the software business for social networking sites would be a good business idea. However, the four companies introduced below can truly say that they have made a killing from just that.

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This site is a platform for traders and investors with a twist of social networking. It is easy to use and offers real time updates. It makes using and learning about new trading platforms fun and interactive. This clever financial communication platform simply replaces all the windows professional investors and traders have previously had open all day. It allows the organization of streams and shares information from more than 150,000 finance professionals. The idea of integrating social networking with information and training has truly paid off for the developers.

It is important to note that Facebook has contributed towards a whopping 30% of this investment platform’s traffic and profits, and the campaigns set up to offer shares of firms before the public would get notified have been a great hit. Last year alone, the company managed over $558 million in transactions. It is an extremely powerful site, with a strong social media presence, and it is clear that it is still benefiting from the public interest in different networking sites. The power of social media has helped the company launch their campaigns in a cost-effective way.

Some people say that Pinterest is the next Facebook. Indeed, the site took the net by storm, and it continues to be the fourth largest traffic social media site. The easy platform and flawless integration with other social media sites means that people can quickly and conveniently share images and interests over the net. It also allows users with the same interests to connect on multiple platforms.

After developing Words With Friends on Facebook, the company has started new games and ventured outside of the social media world. Still, it was Farmville and Dream Zoo that brought in real success for the company. Zynga is now developing a new platform to allow users to play those games outside of Facebook, as well.

What are the benefits of social media for your business?

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