LG Quantum


LG Quantum

The entry of LG into the smart phones arena has proven to be beneficial to the mobile phone users.  This is because LG is one of the mobile phone manufacturers which have developed remarkable smart phones which have been at par with the rest of the competition. In the capitalist system that most countries have, having more buying options is always good for the majority. One of the breakthrough products of LG in the smart phones category is the LG Quantum. When the LG Quantum was first launched in the United States, it made quite an impression because it is equipped with a QWERTY keyboard that can be slid back and forth through the slider to which the keyboard is attached.

While the LG Quantum may have a relatively smaller screen as compared to the likes of the Samsung Focus, it is nevertheless less bulky and handier to carry. What the LG Quantum lacks in screen size is compensated by its portability. However, this is not to imply that the LG phone has a poor display capability. Its display is still relatively sharp in accordance with smart phone standards. It just pales in comparison with the display of the HTC Surround or the Samsung Focus.  But with quality photos and videos that it can capture, despite the limitations in its display, the LG Quantum can still hold its ground in the midst of stiff competition.

However, there is one major drawback going against the LG Quantum. Its design is not as sleek and classy as the other smart phones in the market. In fact, many observers are of the opinion that because of its design, the LG Quantum does not look like a high end smart phone and it pales in comparison with the other models under the Windows 7 platform.

The main strength of the LG Quantum is the ease by which typing may be done on the phone. Composing long messages, encoding notes, surfing the internet and sending text messages are relatively easier because of its handy QWERTY keyboard. Hence, those who are into typing or encoding will probably appreciate the phone more than those who are into entertainment and other media.

In addition, the other basic features common to all Windows 7 smart phones, are also present in the LG Quantum. It has internet capability; it can play games, music and videos. The regular functions of a mobile phone are also present in the Quantum.

Considering all the things, both positive and negative, that have been said about the LG Quantum, it is still a relatively handy gadget to use. While it may not be as sophisticated as the other smart phones, it never lacks functionality which all mobile users crave. For those who expect to do a lot of typing or email messaging, perhaps, the phone should be considered when deciding which smart phone to buy next.  The LG Quantum a solid piece of equipment to acquire and the amount that you will spend to acquire this gadget will be all worth it.

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