5 Great Free Android Apps For Dog Owners


There’s an app for everything these days and it should come as no surprise that there are a myriad of apps aimed specifically at everyone’s favorite furry four-legged friends.  But with the ever-expanding proverbial app ocean, how can anyone find worthwhile dog apps? Fear not, for this list shall offer a life raft to stay afloat with some of the best dog apps out there.

Dog Breeds by Petsie

Well, the logical first app is one that will help anyone find just the dog they’re looking for. Dog Breeds offers prospective dog owners or pooch lovers information about the many variety of breeds that exist. Beyond that the app also offers games such as trivia and is connected to the social media site which features thousands of pet profiles and photos.

PetWise Mobile by PetWise

Of course the next step after finding the perfect companion is making sure that fido is in good health. PetWise mobile allows users to receive up-to-date information straight from their veterinary office. This allows users to easily request appointments, prescription refills or boarding requests. PetWise mobile allows for easy management of all of dog health needs from the time their puppies till they hit their senior years.

How to Train Dogs Pro by De la Parra Mobile Solutions

This may be the next best thing to having Cesar Millan on your phone or tablet. How to Train Dogs Pro contains a wealth of information about various dog training topics. Besides the expected tips and tricks, photos and videos, the app also includes a news feature which automatically grabs relevant news stories related to dog training. There are many different ways to approach dog training and this app gives as close to a comprehensive overview as you’re likely to find.

Dog Friendly by i Love Dogs, Inc…

This is the app for the socialite with a dog. Dog Friendly is a regularly updating compendium of locations throughout the US and Canada that allow dogs. Be it a hotel, restaurant, bar or park, any dog owner will be able to find a variety of locales to take their pooch to get some more culture. Now there’s no excuse not to leave fido indoors when exploring the city.

Petometer by Triad Retail Media

Here’s an app designed for the active pet owner. Petometer allows users to track the distance trekked when out walking their dog. It also keeps a detailed history of previous walks, and can be set up with reminders for upcoming jaunts. There’s even a list of recommended doggie exercises to keep fido fit as a fiddle. All dogs need their exercise, and Petometer will help make sure every pooch gets ample time to run, explore and sniff to their heart’s content.

So there it is, 5 free android apps that every dog owner should take a look at.  They might not make any dogs lesser hyperactive or stop them from chewing the furniture, but these apps can make a dog owner’s life a lot more manageable; meaning less time planning or organizing and more time enjoy the furry friend’s company.

Bone-A-Fide Dog Ranch was instrumental in the creation of this list.

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  1. I could not but laughed after reading the headline of this article. Actually android applications gave all everything to make our life easier. Android applications help us from morning till we go to bed. In morning we get up from bed by hearing alarm and go to sleep when our phone reminds that it is time to go bed. In this way our phone helps us whole the day. And android application has made it easy. Even application for managing a dog is also available for android.
    Being astonished I am thinking, What is next ?????

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