Sony Y Series VAIO: VPCY218FX



Sony VAIO is well known for its stylish and elegant looking laptops and Y series is yet another in that order. This VPCY218FX model laptop is priced $750 and comes with a stylish look with blue color covering but sadly it does not give effective performance as per our expectations.

The experimental model that came for testing is adopted with 4 GB of RAM, with 1.2 GHz Intel U5400 processor and 64 bit Windows Home Premium. Its additional features are Bluetooth, and a built in Web camera and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The model was covered with black and gray chassis and the computer was well placed inside it. The color of the speaker and wrist pad and keyboard area was dark gray with black keys embedded on it.  The power switch is placed on the right hand side and very near to it you can find an Ethernet port and two USB ports with an Express card of 34 slots. Another 2.0 port is situated on the left side with VGA and HDMI out port along with microphone jack and head phone. The front portion has SD card lot, Memory stick and wi-fi connectivity.

The VAIO Y series is ideal in weight and measurement and it is unusual to find the power cord so light and the model comes with battery which weighs 4.2 pounds to last for more than 6 hours. The keys are simple and easy to press but little smaller in size but come with grip texture so that your fingers are better gripped with them as you type.

The soft track pad has additional two buttons on its lower side. It is equipped with multi touch facility to reciprocate for gestures. The mouse looks very ordinary and tends to break away in one year and this element is observed on other Sony VAIO models also.

The LCD screen of Y series is good in brightness and sharper in showing details but the colors looks faded. The picture seems good when viewed from various angles but if you see the screen when it is not working, it looks very dull.

Music and video track is not satisfactory in this model. Since this model possesses only Intel Pentium with U5400 processor it is sluggish in performing multi media. The image quality is not good and comes with stuttering if you download a video from web site.

Audio quality is also not up to the mark and is very ordinary. You can pin point this factor if you listen to an audio with multiple voices, where the voices overlaps and with great difficulty you can understand what is played. Also its Windows have very less built in programs which can be accessed by pushing the VAIO.

The Sony VPCY218FX is genuinely less weight and offers an elegant look and cost seems to be high for its performance. This Y series laptop can now be upgraded with additional graphics using Intel i5 processor.

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