Chrome Soyuz Weather-Proof Laptop Backpack


Chrome Soyuz weather-proof laptop backpack

Short Version:

Chrome Soyuz weather-proof laptop backpack is value for money. It is note cheap but worth every penny for the comfort, space and protection from the weather it provides.


The padded back of the bag gives extra comfort, with the roll top secure fastened with Velcro. The all-important weatherproofing is achieved done by lining the bag with truck tarp.

  • MSRP: $180

Pros: Lots of space and extra comfort. If rain were to fall like bullets you would still have protection.

Cons: Not the greatest for organizing all the things and devices one has to carry. Too specialized as a laptop carrier for some.

Full Review:

When you want to carry stuff that high school kids carry but look like a grad school attendee the Chrome Soyuz weather-proof laptop backpack offers you the solution. Avoiding the standard zippers is a necessity when you invest in a bag for your laptop as they wear out pretty soon. The Roll top with Velcro is not only fashionable but offers you the more enduring protection you look for when you have busted anything above $100 for a bag.

The photograph you see summarizes the whole thing for you. Loads of room, can be very comfortable even when fully laden and of course no way for the elements to creep in. Meaning excellently weather proof both by design and the material used. It may look bulky but the height of the bag makes sure it does not bulk up.

One design change that could make a difference is to have a longer strip of Velcro on the flap so that so the alignment of the flap with the bag is better. When something is on your back you want it to be as neat looking as possible, and this design change could help.

As a bag that could look grad school, some elements are missing. There are no specialty locations within the bag, other than the large room it affords centrally. Though the cargo section is small the smaller compartment pockets are essential to organize oneself for the day ahead. If life is about multi tasking this bag might not help. If you are into largely a singular focus for which you need your laptop, this bag is a winner. It would have been great to have some specialized places for other devices. For instance, a location for a water bottle.

The price has to be looked at with the space it provides combined with protection. It is hardy enough to last ten years, and if lasts half that it would still be value for money at USD180. The argument can be rested when you hear the next fact. Chrome Soyuz weather-proof laptop backpack comes with a lifetime guarantee. They will not honor the guarantee if the bag has been abused but this bag is sturdy enough to withstand abuse.

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