An Ideal e-Reader: Sony Reader PRS 350 SC


Sony Reader PRS 350 SC

You cannot resist the temptation to touch the physical screen however slick it may be. Sony Reader PRS 350 SC makes it possible with its sleek design and glossy surface. This pocket edition comes in silvery color and uses the visual technology to find out the solution. Earlier several e-readers have been introduced by Sony and this PRS 350 SC is the latest version of its type.

Sony reader comes with pearl display and measures 5 inches in size. The size is lesser by one inch when compared with the Amazon Kindle. With very less weight it is compact in your hand when you are ready for reading session.

Infra red sensors detect your finger in this touch screen model of optical technology. It analyzes the input given by your finger and rationalizes the information for giving the required output. It is amazing to see its wonderful performance. When compared with the earlier touch screen models of Sony this PRS 350 SC edition is brighter in showing the texts and sharper with improved clarity and contrast. Just a small smooth touch of the screen could make wonders. In PRS 600 model, resistive touch was adopted and the output was not satisfactory.

Upon using it continuously, you would feel the touch navigation is natural and extraordinary. Just on a feather touch you can turn the pages, and also opens up dictionary not only in English, but translating in other languages such as Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, German and British English. It is convenient for any user from these countries to use this PRS 350 SC edition. You are provided with lot of buttons located below the screen such as, zoom button, forward button, page back button, font button and options button. The power switch is situated at the top in the right side corner.

Using the options you can make adjustments in brightness and contrast. It comes with six font sizes to suit the readers with poor eye sight. Sony can be charged by micro USB port which is most commonly used by users now. The e-Reader comes with SD cards and memory stick with 2 GB storage capacity. Another additional feature that is available with this e Reader is you can now buy from Sony’s book store using e pub and it is possible for you to download various books from library.

The possible flaw found in this model is its pan zoom approach for reading PDF format, even though the PDF formatting looks better when compared with its earlier models. The Sony e reader does not support wireless connectivity or 3G while the Amazon Kindle e-reader supports it with extra 10 dollars and adds one more inch to your screen. Ignoring all these defects, Sony e-Reader is the ideal pocket edition for you among the entire 5 inch screen models of e-readers.

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