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Data security is more important than ever. With the onset of the cloud and the “Bring Your Own Device mobile movement, there is a large amount of data flowing throughout a host of devices, and much of this data is vulnerable and at risk of being compromised. Some cheap hardware such as servers and local hard drives are not made out of quality parts and can lead to errors or corruption. Here are some of the most common reasons for data loss and some of the best backup programs that can help protect your data.


Most common causes of data loss

The most common cause of data loss is user error. Misplaced files or accidental deletion of files are how most data is lost.

Another cause of data loss is due to unauthorized access or hacking. Weak passwords or easy-to-guess security challenge questions can lead to unauthorized access. Laptops and mobile phones can be stolen and any authentication that is saved on the device can be used to access accounts and delete data.

A disgruntled employee or an ex-employee that was perhaps recently fired may still have access to a company account. If the passwords and authentication methods are not changed, the ex-employee can access the account and delete important data.

Malware can be downloaded from many websites or included in applications. Malware can steal information and send it to hackers which can then use that information to access accounts and steal or delete data.

Hard drive or server corruption can cause data loss. Over time, sections of hard drives can become corrupted. These areas of corruption are known as bad sectors and this means that nothing in the bad sectors can be read. So any data that is stored in bad sectors can be completely lost.

Top 5 free backup programs

Backup Maker

One of the best backup programs available is simply called BackUp Maker. But it boasts an array of excellent backup features including backups that can be full or created in increments, scheduled backups, encryption, compression, filtering methods, and more. Additional features include FTP backup support and automatic backups whenever a USB device is connected. The backup data can be stored in zip files for easy access.

Cobian Backup

Another one of the top backup applications around is Cobian Backup. This program has many features including backups that can be performed as incremental, full or differential backups, encryption, filtering methods, scheduled backups, FTP backup support, and more. The wide array of features on this program can seem a bit overwhelming but it gives users unmatched control over the backups. Data can be saved in zip format or 7-Zip format, whichever the user prefers.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free

EaseUS Todo Backup is a full range backup solution that offers both image-based and file based backups. These backups can be run manually or they can be scheduled. Backups can be performed in increments or as a full backup. There is a system performance feature and the program has the ability to completely wipe drives and clone them as well. It is missing a few features such as encryption and differential backup, but it’s still an excellent backup program.

AOMEI Backupper

This backup solution is one of the most simple and easy to use programs. The simple interface allows users to choose the drive/partition to be backed up, choose the backup location and the program can do the rest. It does have options for more advanced users. Some of these include encryption, compression, incremental and differential backup, restoration and cloning tools, and more. The downside is that backups cannot be scheduled, they can only be ran manually. But for users that like simple programs that are easy to use, AOMEI Backupper will suit their needs.


FBackup is a backup program that is available for free for personal use and commercial use. It has a simple interface and a host of unique features. It allows the backup of individual programs, has include and exclude filters, and can make backups that are not zipped. The downside to the program is that compression isn’t great and some of the features are a little more basic than other backup programs, but for users that like the benefit of a lot of features while keeping things simple, this program will appeal to them.

About the author: Dmitri Blackthorn is a member of team – online service that offers affordable DDoS protection for eCommerce websites. Dmitri is a fan of new technology and loves to share security tips via guest posting.

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