Let Technology Take Care Of Your Beauty Needs With These Amazing Apps


Do you remember stealing your mom’s make-up when you were younger and smearing lipstick on your face in front of the mirror? Your little girl might have a completely different memory when she grows up. That’s because technology is taking over the world and it’s creeping into the beauty industry. You now get some amazing apps that will change everything about the way you pick and choose your style. If you haven’t got Smartphone or iPad you might decide you need one after reading this. Here’s a look at some top apps and we’ll go over what they can do.

Hairstyle Wizard
When was the last time you opened up a magazine and tried to decide whether or not you would suit a certain hairstyle? That is a question that’s always on your mind. What did you do when you were younger? Cut someone’s hair out and lay it on top of your favorite photo? You now have the ability to take a photo on your phone and stick any haircut onto it you could possibly imagine. Now you won’t have to risk everything by going for the chop without knowing what you’ll look like.

Sephora To Go
Now that we have the Internet it’s not the same going shopping anymore. When you’re desperate for something you can just order online and it gets delivered straight to your door. Use the Sephora app and you can do all your shopping in one place. If you’re unsure about what to buy you don’t have anything to be worried about. There’s thousands of reviews from people like you that have tried the products, so you don’t need to buy rubbish.

Let Carmindy help you look beautiful by telling you exactly what you should do, or at least try. First you’ll need to add in your details so you can build up a personal profile. You will need to tell it your skin tone, eye color, hairstyle, etc. Then it will recommend things you would maybe suit. It even tells you what application techniques to try. That’s not all, because you can also watch lots of videos where Carmindy will walk you thorough some things you need to know.

Love My Skin
Everyone seems to love baking themselves in the sun as much as possible. This is great for your skin color. Everyone looks gorgeous with a nice tan. But when you spend too much time in the sun it can potentially lead to skin cancer. With the Love My Skin app it allows you to track all the moles on your body and you can tell when something is not right long before it’s too late. It’s got plenty of reference material so you’ll know what’s suspicious and what’s not.

OPI Nail Studio
It takes a long time to test out dozens of different colors when it comes to your nails. You have to apply it and wait until it dries to get the right idea about what it looks like. Not anymore. The OPI Nail Studio app will let you test any color you can think of so you know exactly what it will look like. If you want to physically test the nail polish yourself you can still eliminate lots of colors before you get to the store.

HourFace 3D Aging Photo
Sometimes you don’t care about what you’re doing to your face. You will wait until tomorrow and everything will be OK. Well this app might make you think about that. Upload a photo and it will magically age your face right before your eyes. After you know what you might look like in 10 years time you will start looking after yourself ASAP.

Torres Mcarthy is a famous general blogger and has contributed a number of articles on fashion. He suggests everyone to use colour makeup as it highlights facial features finely.

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