Mobile Internet Usage Across The Past Few Years


Mobile Internet Usage Across the Past Few Years

The advent of the internet was a massive step for many people. The internet and the subsequent social media craze that was born out of it has changed the way we live and interact with other people. The cellular phone was another important innovation that has changed our habits immensely over the last decade. Considering the importance of these two innovations it should come as no surprise that mobile internet and wireless internet services have completely changed the face of communication and the big news is mobile internet usage is doubling year after year.

According to reports by StatsCounter in February of 2012 mobile internet users doubled in a 12 month period; the percentage of people using mobile internet jumped from 4.3% to 8.5% and those numbers don’t include tablet devices currently being used. Tablet devices are quickly growing in popularity. 66 Million tablets were sold in 2011 and it is projected that 114 million will be sold by the end of 2012. This mobile computing option is sure to raise the number of people accessing internet services other than traditional provides; analysts agree.

According to other studies nearly 46% of Facebook users access their page through applications and mobile browsing options. The number of people accessing their pages through cellular internet service options is growing on a nearly daily basis and it is projected that the numbers will only increase further. Social media companies similar to Facebook are reporting a similar trend. The iPhone and the Android OS have helped social media, specifically, grow into this space. Applications designed for these phones make it easier than ever for young adults and professionals to connect with friends and loved ones.

So, why are these numbers growing so quickly? Well, the answer is simply that smartphone and tablet owners are growing quickly. As of July 2012 mobile subscribers who owned a smartphone accounted for 55.5% of subscribers in the United States. That is a jump from 41% just one year prior. 74% of subscribers between the age of 25 and 34 own smartphones. This love affair with technology and increasing advancements are the reason for the quickly growing wireless internet service market. 4G internet hit the market and began growing to reach more and more areas people truly began to see speeds that made using the internet service a real possibility. Before 4G internet service was slow and dropped in spots. The growing 4G internet coverage is making more people believers in the power of wireless internet services.

As our technological world begins to grow out further and 4G internet sweeps deeper across a service area it is likely we’ll see even further development in the mobile computing sector. We are a world who likes our information at our fingertips and that is exactly what we are getting.

Stephanie Todd

Marketing Analyst

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