Effective Ways To Promote Your Mobile App


The iTunes store is filled up with 8,00,0000 plus apps. So, it is very difficult for an app owner to convenience all the visitors and make them to download their app. Unless, if an app owner follows some strong marketing strategies he/she can’t make one to download their app. Here, I am going to list out all those strong mobile app marketing techniques that will help them to make their app more popular among the users. But beware security of the app is also important as if app is published, after sometime it got pointed by the hackers. Just like whatsapp, facebook has been pointed by millions of hacking tools same is the case with softwares. Famous softwares like autocad, Adobe Suites also got hit by their keygens and cracks, Examples autodesk autocad crack free download, adobe activator and many others. But security is not our utmost concern right here. Let’s get in the topic and see the app promotion technique.

Effective Ways To Promote Your Mobile App

Mobile App Marketing Techniques

TV Advertising

This technique is one of the essential marketing techniques. Most of the big corporates are still spending a lot of money on this. Do you want to know why this is considered as one of the essential marketing technique? The answer of that is here. One of the famous survey company called “Nielsen” stated that most of the Smartphone and Tablet users are using their devices while they are watching TV. So, if you make use of this marketing technique then you can grab the attention of more users. When compared with the other marketing techniques, to promote your mobile app on the television channels it will take more cost. If you are not able to spend that much money, then there are still plenty of app marketing techniques available below which you can use to promote your app.

Promotion through Social Media Websites

Social Media is playing an important role in promoting the business. It helps the businesses to connect with their target audience very quickly and easily. Every day, more than millions of users are using their favorite social media website. So, if you use this marketing technique then you will get the best from this. If a user finds anything interesting in the social media website, then he/she will share that in their profile. So, there is more of a chance that a creative app will hit the world through this media within a short period of time.

Creating a Website for an App

This is an interesting marketing strategy. You can create a separate website for your app in order to get more publicity. First you have to hire a web design company who is having strong knowledge in the internet marketing techniques. Tell them to optimize your website for the relevant keywords and promote that website using the internet marketing techniques.

Make Use of the Featured Services

There are many website like appoftheday, freeappaday, appoday and so on are helping in order to create some buzz among the users. Usually, they will charge some reasonable money only in order to feature your app in their website. But it is guaranteed that it will provide more traffic to an app which is featured on the websites like appoftheday.

Getting Endorsements

Another popular way to create some buzz about your app is getting endorsements from the popular celebrities. If they do this, then all his/her followers will be able to know about your app. There is more of a chance that your app will get more re-tweets from the celebrity followers unless your app is more creative and useful to them.

Tell Your Users to Rate Your App

This is also another interesting and useful technique to increase your app’s visibility among the app store visitors. An app which is having more number of ratings is placed at the top position in the App store. So, the user’s ratings play an important role in order to get more and more publicity. As an app owner you must tell your receives to rate your app and also to comment about your app. This will make others to know more about your app.

All these marketing techniques will help one to promote their apps efficiently.

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