Cabal 2 Review


One of EST Soft’s seminal games, Cabal Online is a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game with millions of players. The game is extremely detailed and has been localised in many different regions and countries. Much like other South Korean MMORPGs, Cabal Online also follows a freemium business model. This means that the original game is free to play. However, reaching the higher levels and getting the more exclusive content can be difficult for players who do not buy the in-game currency using real money. There’s an “Item Shop” in the game from which you can purchase coins in order to buy in-game items. These include enhancements, weapons, armour and other vanity items.

Back in October 2010, news began filtering through about Cabal 2. The game introduced some new classes, updated old ones and also began to use the latest CryEngine 3 technology in order to deliver stunning graphical fidelity and detail. While the original Cabal series was more of a cult hit (it didn’t receive favourable reviews from critics), the sequel promises to shake things up a bit. It is expected that new areas will be opened up, and higher class ranks will be introduced. Here are just some of the many gameplay features that will likely be found in the next sequel.

Cabal 2 Review

Higher Levels

Cabal is a purely online game. Players are expected to remain connected to the internet throughout their session if they want to play. This allows the developers to introduce new events and features on the go. One of the things that have been teased about the Cabal sequel is a higher ranking system. It is expected that players will be able to go a notch above the current ranking system. At the moment, players have to level up each of their different skills and aspects. Every time you use a particular skill, you gain a certain amount of experience. This continues to increase with the passage of time until you level up. However, the game also introduces several new skills.

Better Graphics

This time, it is expected that the next Cabal sequel is going to have significantly better graphics. The previous game was regarded as being “mind-blowingly generic” by numerous popular reviewers. However, having been developed with CryEngine 3, the latest Cabal sequel is likely going to look stunning.

There are already several videos online highlighting the alphabuild gameplay. Character customisation is now extremely important in the latest game. There are hundreds of sliders that you can use in order to modify and alter your character. You can choose from several different classes, including the Warrior, the Priest, the Wizard, the Force Archer, Force Shielder and the Force Blader. It is expected that the game is going to be released next year. The developers have already begun carrying out network stress tests to assess the online capabilities of the game. A closed beta is expected to be announced soon and it is expected that signups will begin by November.

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