Why You Need A Cloud PBX For Small Business?


In the mind of the consumer, nothing is more unprofessional or displeasing than calling into a business only to be greeted by busy tones and full message boxes, short of not receiving any answer at all. Luckily, with innovative and front-running cloud PBX for small business, even entrepreneurs and small offices can reap the rewards of sophisticated and feature-rich communications systems that rival those of major Fortune 500 players. How does a single person operation or an office with only a handful of staff receive a feature-rich phone system without breaking the bank? With a cloud-based PBX from BroadConnect Telecom.

Why You Need A Cloud PBX For Small Business?

Cloud-based phone systems allow small and midsized business to harness the power of enterprise-grade phone systems, without having to allocate funds for upfront hardware upgrades or costly equipment purchases. In a cloud-based PBX for small business scenario, almost everything (with the exception of the actual phone sets themselves) is located offsite at the location of the service provider who maintains responsibility for the expense, maintenance and ongoing system support.

The benefits of a Cloud-based System

Compared to standard phone service or conventional premise-based PBX systems, managed PBXs present small businesses with a plethora of advantages aimed at keeping costs low, increasing productivity, streamlining operations and increasing customer service and satisfaction rates.

  1. Cost savings, immediate and ongoing: The entire office phone system is managed and maintained by the service provider. This means that the need for costly upfront investments (like those associated with purchasing a complete office phone system) are removed entirely. As an added bonus, since the equipment is leased, there is almost no ongoing charges for maintenance, repairs or updates.
  2. Enterprise-grade features: Similar to the phone systems used by major industry players, cloud-based PBXs include features like conference calling, custom hold music, call forwarding, automated attendants, direct dialing and more.
  3. Increased customer satisfaction and retention rates: Hosted PBXs have proven beneficial in helping businesses to improve their customer service capabilities, as well as improving customer satisfaction rates. This can be attributed to things like professional greetings, call forwarding, direct dialing, etc.
  4. The ability to grow-on-demand: One of the biggest downfalls of traditional PBXs are the limitations to easily expand or decrease the system to keep pace with the ebbs and flows of operations. Cloud-based PBXs are not limited to the number of users they are capable of supporting or by how many lines were originally purchased. Managed systems can easily scale as business needs fluctuate. Extensions can be added, or removed, simply by calling the provider or accessing the web interface.
  5. Increased local presence: Unlike traditional systems, businesses with hosted PBXs systems are capable of having multiple numbers connected to a single phone system. This means that regardless of where a target customer base may be located, the business can easily establish a local presence simply by offering a local phone number for customers to use to contact the business – even if they are cities or even countries away!

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