SEO Blog Writing Best Practices


SEO Blog Writing Best Practices

We are in the 21st century, where technology has revolutionized everything. You are not required anymore to wait for your turn in the speaker’s corner, Hyde Park. It is really easy to communicate to an unlimited number of global audiences through internet.

I think, blog is one of the most effective ways to express your views and doing number of other things. I have explored that blogs are an ideal way to make new contacts, reach fresh markets and share your thoughts, but certainly there are some key practices, which should be followed while writing a SEO blog. Some of the prime practices for attracting audiences towards your blog are;

Content: Content is the primary thing of your content. Always remember to write for the people, not for the search engines. If your written content is interesting, relevant to the present times, bold and easy to understand, it will definitely attract many people, which will read and then link it back. Try to keep things easy for the people as these are the first few lines, which create the entire impression of the blog. If your blog is not well-formatted then most of the readers will quit reading.

Show Your Grip Over the Subject: Try to concentrate on one thing at a time. Try to relate things with your focal point as discussing too many things will not only puzzle the people reading the content, but also the search engines. Having points in bullets or writing sub headings will always work well, but try to avoid fluff, and make sure that all the content should revolve around the central idea of the blog.

Grammar: Besides the content of the blog, the punctuation, sentence structuring, use of verbs and spelling should be correct. Try to read your written work loudly as it will surely help in identifying some hidden mistakes. It is always good to run an instant grammar checker as an error free writing will only works well for you.

Use of Images and Heading Tags: Use some noticeable images, and make a title or ALT text description for them. It will really work well as the search engines are able to read images with ALT text or a title. Similarly, heading tags are also very handy for SEO. If these tags are related with the main heading of the blog then they will surely grab attention of both the readers and the search engines.

Length: It has often observed that a good blog losses its effectiveness just because of too many words. Experience has taught me that the rule of KISS (keep it short and simple) always does wonder for any blog. Always remember to focus on quality than quantity of the content. The readers are smart enough to identify the fluff, so never try to make them fool by adding extra words just for the sake of extra length. Try to use proper number of keywords, and avoid stuffing them in the content.

Besides taking care of the above points, it is always good to interact with your readers consistently. Never irritate on a negative feedback, and try to respond every comment on regular basis as it will strengthen your relationship with them. Good bloggers are able to build new links that obviously results in an improved standing and ranking.

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