How To Make Accurate Comparisons On Gadgets And be A Smart Buyer


Nobody wants to overpay for a gadget. After all, small electronics such as phones and tablet PCs cost hundreds of dollars. Luckily, now more than ever, buyers have tools at their disposal that will help them find the best prices. Here are six ways to accurately comparison shop for new gadgets and become a smart buyer.

Overall Cost
Many shoppers rush online to make their gadget purchases, because online retailers have outstanding prices as they have a lower overhead. Many times, buying online helps the customer avoid sales tax, although more retailers are starting to collect sales tax. With that being said, when making a purchase, add up the total cost. For heavier gadgets, shipping often kills the deal. Cheaper gadgets are also best purchased in person as shipping usually increases the overall cost substantially.

Sales managers often have discretion to offer customers freebies to entice them to purchase certain products. Often a manager can throw in cables, batteries, accessories, or even add a couple of years to the warranty. Haggling for freebies is a tremendously effective strategy, especially at the end of the month or quarter, when sales managers need to meet quotas. Almost every manager has discretion to give away freebies and will often do it to close a deal; this is much easier to accomplish than lowering a price outright.

Price Comparison Sites
Online comparison shopping sites are perfect for the consumer who has decided the exact model they desire, and now wants to get the best deal. Dozens of sites list the best prices for gadgets. Most will provide an overall cost to purchase up front, which includes any shipping fees. The great thing with comparison sites is the ability to sort by price or merchant rating. Price comparison sites are a lifesaver for anyone wanting to get a terrific deal online without spending hours searching.

Only the Best
More importantly than anything, when looking to buy a gadget, one should do their best to find the best product. Often, brand name gadgets can be significantly more expensive than gadgets from lesser known brands. There are a number of review sites that help a potential buyer find the best product. Consumer reports also lists the best brands for a number of products. It is pointless to spend time comparison shopping if a consumer buys the inferior product.

Wait a Bit
To save money, and stress, wait a few weeks. A product is most expensive after its initial release. For many, it is tough to wait even a week until they get their hands on a new gadget, but doing so will save the buyer a lot of money. If one is able to wait long enough, a company may introduce a superior gadget.

Credit Cards
To be a smart buyer, one needs to take advantage of anything they can to save money. There are many store credit cards that give an automatic discount or a generous amount of cash back. Using a store card will add up to significant savings on large purchases.

Taking the time to research the best products, along with the best prices will result in substantial savings. Remember to take the time to comparison shop and be willing to hold out for a better deal. An informed consumer who is prudent will make the best choice.

Bri Martin writes about technology, finance & more at, where she particularly likes to inform readers about the importance of protecting their gadgets with both warranties & insurance!

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