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It’s a great news that ApplenBerry has released permanent unlocks for iPhone. These IMEI based unlock are capable of releasing any model of iPhone from the jail of AT&T despite of any iPhone model or iOS version. Moreover, it doesn’t require any jailbreak prior to unlocking. You can have iPhone IMEI unlock from for just $59 USD.

Apple has captured the market in the past few years and has got billion of active users. They have kept an eye on every upcoming demand of the user to provide him with that before anyone does to stand at first. Ending the restriction of using services of only AT&T was the only increasing demand that apple didn’t considered for years. As a result jailbreakers became popular.

But now apple has made a decision that can win the hearts of iPhone users by letting them free to use any service of their choice. Moreover, they can also download apps of their own choice from any source. Those users who were using jailbreakers to unlock might not believe that they are going to have their phone unlocked forever. This is because, the jailbreakers are a temporary source of unlocking, their effect ends after the release of an iOS update. Permanent Unlock guarantee is provided by the to assure that they are going to ‘unlock the possibilities’.

This unlock is compatible with all models of iPhone and there is no baseband required for it. At the time of release, these unlocks were offered at $150 USD but within the month has showed great kindness by reducing the price to $59 USD only. There are just few simple steps to follow

  • Log on to 
  • Select the network your iPhone is locked to
  • Type your iPhone’s IMEI number
  • Submit your details for e.g name, contact# address etc
  • Choose payment method, Paypal or enter your bank account number and click ‘continue’

You registration is complete. You can pay within 3-4 working days. You will receive an email informing you that your iPhone is unlocked permanently. For verification, connect you iPhone to iTunes, it will show a message: ‘Congratulations, Your iPhone has been unlocked.’ has commented on his new release that this is going to be a revolution in unlocking your sims and is a solution to all of your problems.

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