5 Brilliant Gadgets Incorporating Lasers


Lasers have numerous uses in various fields, including manufacturing and medicine. There are a number of gadgets that uses lasers as a critical component. However, not all these gadgets are meant for serious use; many laser gadgets are purely whimsical. Despite not being intended for life-altering purposes, these gadgets are still very useful and allow users to have some fun while getting things done. Here are 5 brilliant everyday gadgets that incorporate lasers.

Laser-Activated Alarm Clock
Few things are harder than waking up every morning as soon as the alarm goes off. In fact, most people are able to hit the snooze button without even having to look at the clock; a swipe of the arm and the hand always perfectly lands on the snooze button without knocking over the table lamp. If you actually want your alarm clock to wake you up, then the laser-activated alarm clock is just the thing for you. The snooze button for this clock is a big circular target that must be hit with a laser for the snooze function to activate. Waking up in the morning and trying to use a laser gun to hit a bull’s-eye? That is guaranteed to wake you up by the time you do manage to get the snooze function activated.

Virtual Keyboard
The virtual keyboard is one of those gadgets that look like something right out of a science-fiction movie. The virtual keyboard hooks up to your computer, tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth and uses lasers to project a full-size keyboard on any flat surface. Besides the fact that it is extremely useful, one cannot put a price on how cool you will look when typing up a document using a laser keyboard. The virtual keyboard is amazingly portable and is not as expensive as people might think.

Laser Tag Sets
Laser tag is fast becoming one of the most popular games around the world. Unlike paintball, laser tag does not require a lot of specialized and expensive equipment. It can be played indoors and eliminates the possibility of injuries caused by stray paintballs that manage to get past the protective gear. There are various kinds of laser tag sets available, including ones that will give you opponent a mild shock when you hit the target.

Projector Clock
No matter where in the room you put a desk clock, it is not possible to view the time from anywhere in the room. The projector clock solves that problem by using lasers to project the time on flat surfaces. Lying in bed, staring at the ceiling and too lazy to tilt your head to see what the time is? Luckily for you the projector clock is displaying the time on the ceiling while sitting on your bedside table

Laser-Guiding Scissors
Unless you are extremely handy with a pair of scissors, cutting in a straight line proves to be a real challenge. You can draw lines on the surface with a pen or pencil to guide you, but then you are left with marks on the surface. Laser-guided scissors project a line on the surface of the material allowing you to guide your scissors perfectly in a straight line. A must have for those incapable of cutting in a straight line to save their own life.

It is amazing how these 5 simple gadgets incorporate lasers to make our everyday lives a little bit better.

Ryan Murphy is an astounding writer and a leading Laser Eye Surgeon. When not pouring over medical research journals, he likes to write about laser eye surgery.


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