5 Essential Gadgets You Can Gift To Your Garden This Christmas


You’ve been tending to your lawn for years now. Do you think you’ve done enough though? Apart from enhancing the look of your house, the lawn filters the air entering your front window, it cheers up the person visiting your house regardless his/her mood, it captivates you with the sublime smell of its flowers, it even provides you with the daily dose of vegetables, while all you do is simply supply water to it. Don’t you think that’s a bit too ruthful, that you need to spend something more on your garden? Check out the five of the best gadgets to gift your garden, and spread some cheer among the inanimate objects this Christmas.

Fly trap: Mosquitoes and flies are the primary source of trouble to your plants. Did you know that mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide? Fly traps generally work by spreading carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The mosquitoes are able to locate the source, and eventually rush towards it, after which they are sucked into a net bag wherein they die of dehydration. A fly trap is the least you can do to reduce the trouble your lawn faces all day long.

Mole and gopher repellant: Moles are generally more useful for the lawn than degrading. They aerate the soil, removing and controlling grubs and many different lawn pests. But due to their ability to dig holes in the ground, they might damage the sod and eventually make the garden look ugly. Gophers are the lawn damaging species since they are herbivores. They cut roots of plants and trees and even gnaw at the bark. However, both species of animals do equal external damage to the lawn. It doesn’t make sense to kill them though, since they are a part of our environment after all. You may use mole and gopher repellants that generally contain castor oil and fuller’s earth.

Soil tester: It measures the growth potential of the soil. That is usually determined by checking the nutrient and contamination content, and the pH level and fertility. A compact electronic soil tester does it all, and aids you in generating an analysis about the overall health of your lawn soil.

Weed removal tool: Weed removal is quite a cumbersome process. In case of lawns, you can’t afford to use the huge weed removal machines too, since they might cover the entire area. A compact weed removal tool may aid you in the process. Simply locate the weeds, point the tool and start the operation. The weed will be wrested out in seconds.

Plant examining glasses: Your plants sometimes tend to die even before you notice any changes in their structure. More often than not, they get damaged beyond repair after a substantial change is captured by your naked eye. The ever-growing technology brought about the birth of plant examining glasses which let you spot stressed turf or greenery up close. The lenses reflect well-nourished plants in black or gray, and the damaged ones in contrasting colors like glowing red, pink or other hues. Thus you can tend to your lawn better and prevent the plants from deteriorating early on.

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Donald Baker is a home improvement expert and is very innovative in his work. He started his career as a Landscape Architect in Sydney.

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