HP Touch Smart tm2-2150us – Extended Battery Life


HP Touch Smart tm2-2150us – Extended Battery Life

The HP Touch Smart tm22150us lets the user to do a variety of actions and functions using the laptop. The notebook can be converted into a tablet with only a twist. Sleek and stylish HP Touch Smart tm22150us can make anything the user desires to do in a way that is faster and easier to do. The user can perform a variety of functions for longer durations continuously as the battery has extended life and does not need frequent charging. The user can power up the laptop with additional DDR3 RAM if needed. HP Touch Smart has brushed aluminum finish, full keyboard; HP Touch and click pad with power button; True vision Webcam with digital microphone integrated to it; simple pass from HP with fingerprint reader integrated with it. HP Touch Smart allows the user to enjoy high-quality entertainment from wherever the user travels as they can take all their HD videos, music and other favorites in their laptop. HP Media Mart allows direct access for many of the favorite sites that are solely meant for entertainment.  The laptop is energy efficient and has a processor that draws minimal power during stand by.

HP Touch smart takes flexibility to the next with dedicated features like graphics and fingerprint reader. The HP Touch smart software immerses the user in a fun world with so many things to explore and learn. The user can browse through the web and use the hyper sensitive touch pad to play games. HP Touch Smart also helps the user to organize their desktops, take hand written notes and can even remake photos into something like a painting. The user can use any type of input method from finger to keyboard; they will always be in control with digital high definition bright View Touch Screen display.

HP True Vision webcam and microphone integrated on the screen and with the graphics capacity up to 1.5 GB of graphics memory. Wireless LAN in all the bands is available for the user to connect wirelessly. Ethernet can be used to successfully establish connections. HP Touch Smart screen can flip in both the directions: the T2z generally rotates only one way, but here, it rotates both the ways. HP Touch Smart has a battery can last for a long time without being plugged into the power supply with the wireless off and the screen half bright the user can get around six hours of charge. HP Touch Smart tm22150us is very light and easily portable. The laptop is surely the best one to buy for in its category.

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