Interesting Sites That Are Nearly Useless


The internet is many things to many people. An incredible resource no doubt, a highly useful tool, but also a comment on humanity. The internet is like holding a mirror up to mankind and seeing what’s really on our minds. And it seems that the answer is… quite a lot of nonsense. There are dancing animals, pointless lists, bizarre videos, pointless facts, and projects that no doubt took hours and managed to achieve precisely nothing.

In a way this is the internet in its purest form – often people aren’t trying to make money from this inane content and instead are content to just upload it and let the world scratch their heads. And the strange thing is that often this weirdness is more captivating than the stuff people tried to make useful or interesting. Perhaps there’s something we all can learn from these pointless websites? Here are some examples… Some of these aren’t even designed to entertain…

Wikipedia: Wikipedia is only pointless if you make it pointless – but if you’ve ever caught yourself reading about what Kelsey Grammer did after Frasier, or learning about the invention of cheese… then you’ll know that Wikipedia can certainly be a fairly pointless way to spend your time. This is a website where someone has gone to the trouble to spell out definitely and to also point out how it is not spelled. More fun: e-mail the guy and purposely spell his website wrong. A great way to add a bit more drama to a moment. Click play and a sad violin will play, creating pathos and pitty in the room. You can use this while you weep for humanity…

The Onion: It looks like a normal news site until you look a bit closer and find that it’s actually full of nonsense. Though the same could be said in many cases of the ‘real’ news.

Top Tens Websites: There are countless ‘top tens’ websites that list everything from the top ten funny movies to the top ten tallest buildings. Funniest movies according to whom precisely? The funny police? And even with the factual ones, how often do you need to tell someone which is the 7th largest building? (Though let’s not analyze this too much or we might find that in a way everything is pointless).

Web Comics: Sure their ‘point’ is to entertain, but often these comics are pretty inane like works of modern art. If you’ve sen some of them, then you know… Lots of the web toons are similarly pretty pointless really (Weebl and Bob I’m looking at you with your constant references to pie).

DigitalFutureInc.Com: It’s a website that’s turns your computer essentially into a typewriter with sound effects and everything. It’s pretty pointless though because computers were pretty much designed to replace the typewriter in the first place. This is like a setting on your car that removes the top gears and seat belts and makes the windshields more dangerous…

I leave you with this:

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