Best Tech To Make Your Friends Jealous Of Your Bachelor Pad


When it comes to your bachelor pad, you’re going to want all of the latest technology to impress your friends and the ladies. There’s plenty of different technology that you can purchase that is certain to make your pad is one of the coolest in town. Every bachelor pad needs to be fitted with the coolest toys, gadgets and games, so whether you want a luxury pool table or a panel that controls the entire apartment, we’ve put together a list of the best tech to make your friends jealous of your bachelor pad.



Lighting is important in every bachelor pad, as you want to make sure that you’re setting the right atmosphere whether you’re gaming, hanging out with your friends, or entertaining a lady. One idea is to light your home with g9 LED bulbs from Light Rabbit, which are the perfect, direct replacement for standard halogen bulbs. These lights are perfect for mounting underneath cabinets, which will give you the perfect lighting in your kitchen, or accent lighting in another room. You can get dimmable lights and colour-changing lights too that will really impress your friends and make them jealous of your swanky pad.

Personal Draft Beer Dispenser

What’s better than having your own bar in your bachelor pad, perfect for entertaining your guests and making your friends jealous. You can get your own personal draft beer dispenser, to get that true bar experience, so you’ll get the pint and the foam, without having to have a cellar full of beer barrels. This replica of a bar is a great way to make your friends jealous, and will definitely get them round for a few drinks. Alternatively, you can buy a fridge which will have a beer tap on the front, for a really exciting addition to your kitchen.

Home Automated System

Have you ever wanted to control your whole apartment at the touch of a button? Well with home automated systems you can. Everything from your security, to your curtains, you can control with an app on your phone, or a remote as it’s all electronically linked up together. Home automated systems allow you to control your music, security, television, lighting, curtains, kitchen appliances, heating and much more. Home automated systems are a great step in technology, and is certain to make your friends jealous.

Home Cinema

Who wouldn’t envy a home cinema? Whether you choose a huge television, or go with a projector screen and projector, a home cinema is going to impress every time. If you are fortunate enough you can even dedicate a whole room to the home cinema, and with large speakers and surround sound you’ll be able to invite all of your friends round and replicate a true cinema experience, in the comfort of your bachelor pad. Make sure to keep a hold of all of the latest films, and keep an eye out for speaker upgrades to keep on improving your home cinema in your bachelor pad. You may even be able to incorporate a form of virtual reality or augmented reality into your home cinema, if you’re daring enough.

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