5 Pokemon Go Hacks That Will Seriously Up Your Game


If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s probably time to get out from under that rock and download Pokemon Go.

Millions of people have been playing this augmented reality, nostalgia fest for the past four weeks, so you may need a few hacks to up your game a notch. Here are our top five best Pokemon Hacks so far.

Midnight Gym Visit

Even hardcore gamers have to do this little thing called sleeping. So, if you are dedicated enough, you could jump out of bed and head to the nearest gym around 2am to “grab ‘em all.”

No one’s guarding the pokemon and you can stack up on them before anyone wakes up.

Hire a Professional

People are offering all kinds of services for players so they can get to where they need to be and catch as many as possible. You can hire a trainer, exchange pokemons, or even hail a pedicab to go on a pokemon hunting adventure.

5 Pokemon Go Hacks That Will Seriously Up Your Game

Hack your Phone’s GPS

Probably the most clever hack I’ve seen yet. Most people would rather walk around and look for pokemon or wait for the eggs to hatch, while others use software to spoof their GPS location. Instead, this latest trick lets you relocate your phone to anywhere on the planet. You simply place your phone in a box that blocks radio frequencies and use a tiny device to send GPS signals. It’s not easy putting the setup together, but if you can get it done, you’ll truly catch ‘em all.

Hatch Eggs without Walking

The rarest pokemon are hidden in the 10k eggs. This means the game expects you to walk a lot to get the best pokemon. Now, walking isn’t bad for you. In fact, that’s what makes this the best unintentional fitness app out there. But for those couch potatoes who’d rather get rare pokemon without lifting a finger, leaving your phone on a spinning record player is likely to do the trick. Leave it overnight and wake up to a super-rare Onix.

Evolve Eevee into Anything

Most pokemon evolve into a bigger, meaner version of themselves. But if you collected cards as a kid or watched the cartoons, you’ll know that Eevee evolves into one of the three other pokemon: Vaporeon (a water-type), Jolteon (an electric-type) or Flareon (a fire-type).

The game automatically and randomly evolves this pokemon, like all others, but you can change the name to a certain nickname to control Eevee’s next evolution. Here are the nicknames:

Sparky = Jolteon

Rainer = Vaporeon

Pyro = Flareon

Remember, The guys at Nintendo are constantly updating their software and they’ve already cracked down on some clever hacks, so many of these might not work by the time you read this article. But if get going right now and put some of them to the tes, you’ll have unbeatable pokemon in no time.

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