Loss of Precious Pictures from Mac, Precautions & Recovery Solution


The best medium to walk down to memory lane and enjoy good old days is ‘photographs’. Looking at the photos of past is liked by all whether he/she is a child, adult, or an old person. After the advent of digital photography and the internet, it is now possible to share these memories immediately after clicking them. In this process all we need to do is to transfer the digital photos from digital image capturing device or other storage devices to our computer and then share them via the internet.

With various other operating systems used in our computers to give support to edit, view, and share digital photos, Mac is one of the highly appreciated machines. Mac gives wonderful image viewing and editing features and liked by all who want something more from their computers. However, at times images saved on our Mac machine or Mac supported image storing devices like memory cards, iPods, mobile phones, digital cameras, etc become inaccessible or get lost due to various reasons.

Let us discuss common scenarios by which a user loses his/her photos and videos from Mac:

  • Accidental deletion of photos while trying to edit photos on Mac or while trying to transfer them from one storage device to another.
  • Corruption of the memory card due to mishandling like pulling the memory card out of the camera while the camera is on, or removing the card from Mac without properly ejecting it.
  • Corruption of other secondary storage device which is containing the photos leads to inaccessibility of stored photos.
  • Unwanted formatting of the storage device also leads to photo loss.

Mentioned above are some scenarios of photo loss. However, there can be various other situations in which a user may lose his precious photos.



Proper backup: Its always recommended to take proper backup of your data so that you can easily overcome the disaster of data loss.
Stop using storage device after formatting: In case you have accidentally formatted your memory card/ hard drive. Stop using it from the same instant if you want to recover data from it. The more you use it, lesser the chances of data recovery. The new data will overwrite the older one and you will lose your previous data permanently.
Do not eject USB or memory card out of the electronic device without switching if off: Switch off the device first, wait for 2-3 seconds and then pull the storage device out of it.
Do not remove the storage device from your computer while the computer is accessing its contents: If your system is performing some operation on your drive like transferring data, copying content, etc. Then wait until the operation is finished or stop the process properly before removing your drive from computer.
Avoid using electronic device on low battery mode: Suppose, your camera is indicating low battery while clicking photos, but you neglect the warning and keep on capturing photos until the battery died. The scenario can corrupt the card that is being used by the device.
Do not use the same storage device in more than one electronic device without formatting it according to the device: Take an example, if you are using the same memory card for two or more digital cameras without formatting it, then there are higher chances of card corruption.
Never ignore ‘Storage Device full’ warning: Adding data further to the memory card or any other storage device against this, corrupts the card used and thus causes data loss.
Don’t click too fast: It is also adviced not to execute very fast clicking as this may also damage your card causing inaccessibility of all your important data.

Still any how if you loose your precious, go for a reliable Mac OS deleted photo recovery software which can help you get rid of the devastating condition of losing photos. Thus, by using three simple steps which are ‘Select’, ‘Scan’, and ‘Save’ to recover photos, a user can get back all his photos without contributing much time and effort. These software are generally very easy to use and does not demand much technical skills and also do not require extra hardware resources. With read-only and non-destructive design, these Photo Recovery softwares can safely recover all your recover photos, videos, audios, and other multimedia files from Mac based – desktops, laptops, USB drives, iPods, pen drives, external hard drives, digital cameras, and pen drives.

So, if you are also the one who has lost his/her precious photos then do not waste your time, just opt for such powerful utilities to recover photos from Mac and don’t vanish your memories.

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