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How many times have you wondered whether your partner or child is telling you the truth about where they’ve been going and who they’ve been talking to? Good news – if they have a BlackBerry (that you own or have joint ownership of) you can start monitoring their phone activity relatively easily with Retina X Studios’ new Mobile Spy application. We’ve taken the time to review this revolutionary new app, and here are some of the features we found most useful:

Stealthy Operation

Obviously, if you’re trying to catch someone “in the act” by spying on their phone you probably won’t get very revealing results if they know they’re being spied on. The developers took this fact into consideration and made it very difficult for the user to discover the hidden Mobile Spy app. Once installed it operates silently in the background and does not appear in the phone’s running processes list. The only time the app becomes apparent is when you activate the secret interface to change settings. Best of all, you don’t even need to have physical access to the phone in order to view activity logs – you can log in to the online control panel from any device that has a web browser (i.e. – a computer or another smartphone) and take advantage of the following remote monitoring/tracking capabilities:

Monitoring and Tracking Capabilities

Mobile Spy makes it possible to remotely monitor all phone activity, including call/text message history, websites visited through the phone’s browser, videos viewed through the integrated YouTube app, photos/videos captured and recorded, emails sent/received, the contents of the address book/contacts, stored memos, and even the details of calendar events. You can view all of this info within neatly organized logs that are set to be generated at custom time intervals that you select. In addition, you can track the general location of the phone using integrated GPS capabilities, and you can view info on nearby cell towers that are within range. The app also stores logs of all blackberry PIN messages and instant messaging chat conversations (compatible with Yahoo, AIM, Gtalk, Windows Live, and BB). You can see which apps are installed, and with the Live Control Panel add-on you can even restrict certain apps.

Live Control Panel Add-on

If you want more than just monitoring and tracking capabilities then the live control panel is absolutely essential. This optional add-on gives you the ability to view a live screenshot of the Blackberry’s screen, as well as live map view of the phone’s GPS location. Even more exciting is the fact that this add-on lets you control the Blackberry remotely, so you can use all of the phone’s functionality from a distant location. With the live control panel add-on enabled you also have the option of having logs sent to your email automatically. If you need remote access to the Blackberry’s files, contacts, and apps, the Live Control Panel add-on is highly recommended.

Javier Brisker is a technology blogger and smartphone specialist who has recently started using Retina X Studio’s new BlackBerry Spy App.

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