WINDOWS 8 – With Awesome New Features


After 2 years from the launch of Windows 7, Microsoft is ready with its new next version. Microsoft has announced the launch of the Windows 8, the next version of windows operating system. Windows 8 is fully loaded with new and advanced features. It begins with a new, redesigned user interface that can work on desktops, laptops, tablets, and also in mobile devices. It has a dual user interface – one is a classic Windows desktop, and the other is a cutting edge touch based interface. Also, Windows 8 is fully designed with new images – from the small chip to the interface.

So, let’s explore the new advanced features of Windows 8:

WINDOWS 8 - With Awesome New Features

Picture-Password Protected Screen

There is a new password system to unlock the windows 8. The screen is picture-password protected. While setting up the password, you have to choose a picture, and then you select where (or in which part) on the picture you want to tap and to swipe in order to get your screen unlock. For example, I have a picture of a baby holding a toy in his hand. Now whenever I have to unlock the screen as it is picture-password protected, I just tap on the forehead of that baby, then on the toy, and then draw a line from the edge of the forehead of the baby to the edge of the toy. And the screen will get open.

Faster, better and user friendly File Copying

Windows 8 has incorporated with new and updated windows explorer, so it comes up with improved file management system i.e. copying, renaming, moving, and deleting is present but with a difference.

Windows 8 puts together all the copying and moving tasks into one dialog box. So users have more control to pause, stop and resume any file that is being moved or copied. User can also see the source and destination folders while the task is running.

Faster Boot Time with a feature called “Windows To Go”

“Windows To Go” is a new feature incorporated in Windows 8 operating system that enables the enterprise administrators to create USB drives that contains complete and managed Windows images that make users able to boot and run the Windows on any computer that have Windows 7 or Windows 8. “Windows To Go” feature gives the possibility to employees of using a managed device whether they work from anywhere like work from home, or from a client office, or in a free seating environment.

The ‘start screen’ groups all your applications together, which you can easily drag and drop, or add new things.

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