Amazon Kindle (Wi-Fi, graphite)


The Amazon Kindle Wi Fi Graphite is an e-reader that scores a 9/10 for its design, whereas an 8/10 for its features and performance. The e-reader boasts of quick page turning capabilities, a light weight and beautiful design. Compared to all other ebook readers that have appeared in the market, the Amazon Kindle is one that can be termed as the true e-book reader.

The Good

Amazon Kindle comes in two forms, a Kindle Wi-fi which costs around $139, and a Kindle Wi-Fi + 3G that costs $189. The only difference between them is the availability of 3G. This version is a renovated version of its earlier versions. It has friendly buttons, efficient page turning, good hardware and various other e-bookstore strategies that aim to provide its customers with a comfortable eBook reading experience. The Kindle this time comes in two colors, graphite and white. The graphite being the most popular because of its dark borders is good for e-book reading. The display of the Amazon Kindle is nearly 6 inches and has an improved contrast. The design itself is pretty comfortable as it provides an easy grip over the device. You can hold it for hours while reading and would feel like you are holding a real book. The weight of the Kindle is merely 8.7 ounces which is why it feels light and easy to hold.

With the option of Wi-Fi and 3G, you can easily download eBooks from websites or purchase them from Amazon. No more do you need to buy costly books and store them, as eBooks are quite cheap, and better yet you can find loads of free eBooks online. With this slim, compact eReader, you have access to a massive library of thousands of ebooks, magazines, digests, blogs and many other reading materials. It has a memory capacity of 4GB and can store up to 3, 500 eBooks. Battery life is brilliant along with options of MP3 and AAC audio too, which is perfect for audio books.

The Bad

You won’t find any external memory slot for the Amazon Kindle which is a sad lacking. The PDF support is pretty much at a basic level and is not quite to the mark yet. The battery is sealed up and therefore cannot be easily removed. You would have to take the device to a technician or an expert to have a new battery fixed. You also need to take extra care of it as there is no outer cover included and also unavailability of a much needed protective cover that has LED light to support using the Kindle at night.


A smart device going through a major evolutionary process, the Amazon Kindle has turned out to be a much better device than its predecessor the generation 2 Kindle. Compared to the iPad, the Kindle provides faster and more efficient readability with the weight and height much better than the iPad. It also makes a perfect gift for a family member or friend who loves to read and collect books (read ebooks!)

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