A Comparison between Gateway DX4840-15 and Gateway DX4831-03


A Comparison between Gateway DX4840-15 and Gateway DX4831-03Nowadays people usually prefer convenience than being technical of their desktop. Now with more innovations from Gateway, the units are almost similar. Just like the Gateway DX4840-15 and the DX4831-03.

These two Gateways are almost identical to each other; the two DX have Intel Core i5 650 processors, 8GB DDR3 RAM, and 1TB HD storage.  The shell is also similar and both have a DVD burner.

In the following lists are the comparison between Gateway DX4840-15 and DX4831-03.

Gateway DX4840-15

  • 802.11n WLAN
  • newest version of Nvidia GeForce GT 320

Gateway DX4831-03

  • Blue ray reader
  • old version Nvidia GeForce GT220
  • FireWire, audio ports and eSATA

These two are almost identical; you will never know the difference unless you look into it deeper and go down dirty.

DX4840-15 Design

  1. The design and color of the chassis can catch your attention, it is a user friendly and convenient to use. The black casing showed silky black panes on the frontage that covers the optical ports. The front ports and slots are purposely placed on top for the convenience of the user.

Top Area: A tray along with two USB port; Front Top Area: SD slots, 2 USB ports, Headphone jack and microphone jack.

  1. The back panel of this is mostly similar to the 4831-13 (but doesn’t have eSATA, F-Wire ports, 7.1 analog audio and digital audio ports (S/PDIF)).

2 PS2 ports for mouse and keyboard, LAN port, 6 USB ports, 3 analog audio jacks.

  1. The motherboard has a free 5.25 inch inlet where you can add a B-ray drive. It has one open PCI express (PCIe) x1 slots and one open PCIe x 4 slot for you to work on. With a 3.2GHz Core i5-650 processor, this boasts Intel’s Turbo technology. If needed, the chip’s frequency can raise up to 3.46GHz. Fast in subjective testing, loading applications, loads HD videos faster and can do serious multitasking.

3.2GHz Core i5-650 processor, 8GB of DDR3 memory, 1TB hard drive, graphic card with 1GB of video RAM and 300-watt power supply

For people that are looking for convenient, user friendly, fast downloading PC and with a reasonable price ranging from $849 dollars, this desktop is the best suited for them. For technical side, there will be no worries since there are open slots allocated for them to upgrade and power up the computer’s performance.

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