How Potential Is Your Present Online Marketing Strategy?


A successful online marketing strategy starts with contemplating the company’s requirements thoroughly. There are many potential customers actively looking out the websites, search engines and social media to decide for the best product or service to buy – You should be visible to them and provide them the best user experience to let them choose your brand.

Are you putting the best efforts to grab the opportunities through online marketing ??

Its a tough competition out there…

Online marketing is not at all an easy task, you need to make smarter choices to stand out the market. With a relevant experience in digital marketing, I personally opine that a company should have a planned approach and develop business road-maps to manage online marketing.

How Potential Is Your Present Online Marketing Strategy?

Measuring the effectiveness of an online marketing strategy requires an ability to measure up the business’ needs. Then, to look out whether those requirements are fulfilled on the expected terms.

Let’s explore some indicators that should be added to the yardsticks to measure the effectiveness of your business’ current online marketing strategy acquire by online marketing company :

What type Of Campaigns Are You Running?

Depending on the company’s nature, products, targeted audience and some other factors, different types of campaigns run have different success rates. You may have email marketing campaigns, newsletter marketing campaigns, social media marketing campaigns, online advertising campaigns running simultaneously, but there are few important questions to ask yourself before continuing to run them in the same old pattern.

How To Measure the Productivity Of Your Campaign?

It is vital to track the results of any marketing campaign undertaken in the company. These are the step-wise guidance points to measure the potentiality of the campaign you’re running:

    • Start with a well-build effective plan and choose the methods you will use to track it’s effectiveness.

    • Distribute your marketing derived traffic into channels. These channels may include:

  1. Direct – Potential customers who jumped to your website directly without any third party recommendations.

  2. Referral – These are the customers who’ve drived through the social media, search engines or any other third party reference.

  3. Organic – These are the people who’ve arrived searching the products or services provided by you through Google.

  4. Email – These are the people who came through your email campaigns.

  5. Paid – These are the customers who came by a paid ad campaign such as paid ad on newspaper or an ad posted on website content.

  6. Social – These are the folks who found you on social media channels like Facebook or Twitter and stepped in to your website.

    • Setup the marketing metrics you wish to measure such as Web content, Lead conversion, Click through Rate, Bounce Rates, page views or many others.

    • Once your campaign has gone into effect, measure it’s performance in the areas like SEO position, PPC ads, social media marketing, print ads and other media.

How To Measure The ROI of your Marketing Campaigns?

ROI is a proof for your effective marketing plan and it can be measured easily with some effective ways. Metrics that may help you measure ROI include:

Targets and Goals – It is the first step where you need to define targets for online contact forms, purchases, newsletters, time spent on a web page or social media.

Reach – Track the reach and discover how it has been improving.

Traffic – Use the sources like Google Analytics to check which strategies work more at specific targeted areas.

Leads – Track the traffic coming from blogs and websites that converted to leads.

Customers – Check leads to keep track of customer conversion. An effective strategy would give you a good rate of customer retention.

Rates of Conversion – Also track the conversions percentage of online traffic from leads. Top Companies Adwords advertisers get 11.45% and higher conversion rates.

Social Media Audits – They can be very helpful in benchmarking your social presence and comparing where you stand currently then a year ago.

How To Run A/B Tests To Rectify The Potency Of Your Campaigns?

A/B Testing is an effective way of testing out the quirks of marketing and rather the best thing to measure the potency of the campaigns you’re running. The process goes with selecting what do you want to test, select treatment and control mechanisms, generate tests, promote them, collecting data and analyzing it.

So, this was all about effectively planning, running and tracking your business campaigns. Now let’s go through some step-by-step points to take a count on while measuring the effectiveness of the online marketing strategy:

Identify the Target Audience:

The first and foremost step is to identify the key targets. To know the target audience, set up the primary as well as secondary goals that are ethical, easily attainable, specific to your company and relevant to the present needs of the company.


Define certain marketing objects to sharpen your targeted goals. These metrics would help you measure and keep track of the goals and accomplishments. These goals can be defined under time, their relevancy and measurable indexes for the best results.

Identifying the Online Competition:

The common mistake with most of the online marketers to fall short of their competitors is that they’ll not survey their online competition. It’s a good practice to keep an eye on competitor’s strategies and their marketing tactics to stay tuned with the market.

Choose Platforms Wisely:

Considering your targeted audience, the social media platforms where you’ll get the maximum visitors, decide whether on which platform: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. you can advertise your business to get the best response. For example, LinkedIn is more for professionals, .edu sites would be for researchers etc.

Remember the time for posting is also important. The time when users are more engaged on social media is the best time for posting your business ads.

Content Marketing Tactics:

You require a competent content marketing strategy too. The key aspects of content strategy would be content type, time to publish and number of posts per day/week. Some studies have proven that certain days and times are more favorable to post on social media.

Tracking the Marketing Techniques:

Despite of it’s immense benefits, this is ignored sometimes. While tracking the measures you can make improvements in the required segments and open the doors to potential customers’ retention. For example, a feedback form would essentially help you track the potentiality of a marketing strategy.

There are some other exceptional options:

    • Sending emails with forms for thanking the customers and asking them some non-mandatory information would help you collect data and note the responses to figure out the feedback.

    • Create opportunities for client feedback on your website through attractive Comment forms.

    • A great tracking technique for performance indication – enable call-to-action metrics to track conversions.

A productive marketing strategy is based on various metrics including target audience, means of advertising and relative testing techniques. This is an ever growing process and keep changing with time. This needs you to adapt the marketing techniques as time goes by and also discover the parameters on which their business aggrandize furthermore.

Author Bio: Sanket Patel is the Founder of, a leading Digital Marketing Company since 2006. He is a good researcher of Internet Marketing, Brand Development, Online Reputation Management & Search Engine Optimization.

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