Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Android App Development


Why does your business need android app development? The use of mobile applications has sky-rocketed over the last several years. The majority of consumers now have access to a smartphone. These shoppers and potential customers perform the majority of their research and shopping online through their mobile devices.

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Android App Development
By not placing some of your focus on android app development, you are going to miss out on a large segment of the population. There is more to app development than simply creating games and gimmicky software. You can use apps to further spread your brand and promote your business. If you have not yet begun creating an application, here are 5 reason why your business needs android app development.

1 – Android is the Most Popular Mobile Platform : While the Apple iPhones are popular, there are more phones running Android than Apple. During the third-quarter of 2012, more than 75% of the smartphones shipped around the world were loaded with Android. This makes Android the most popular mobile platform – for both smartphones and tablets.

Due to the popularity of Android, it should be the focus of your application development plans. You can reach a larger consumer base. This is not just a trend. Android should remain the top platform for years to come. Much in the same way that Windows remains the top platform for desktop computers.

Developing for a popular platform also increases the discoverability of your app. Google Play is essentially a search engine for discovering applications. It includes numerous options for increasing your discoverability, including the use of keywords and tags. You will have access to multiple sales channels. In addition to Google Play, you can advertise your application through third-party software, websites, and other marketing channels.

2 – Highly Customizable : There are definitely limitations to what you can do with the development of applications for Windows or Apple mobile devices. With Android, there is no limit to your application needs. This level of customization allows you to create an app that is specific to your business.

You can create a custom app from the ground up to reflect the needs of your business. This can be useful for both promotional or internal purposes. For example, you can release apps that showcase some features of your business or provide a real benefit to your customers. You can also use applications for internal purposes, such as employee management apps or productivity solutions.

3 – Fast Development : Android offers one of the fastest options for app development. You can quickly see an application through from concept to release. This provides a fast turnaround so that you can quickly see the benefits of app development.

The tools available to developers provide a simple interface for the programming of applications. This has resulted in a large number of developers, each competing for contracts, which spurs a faster-paced industry. Android app development does not require months of planning and preparation.

4 – High Return on Investment : The development of android applications has a high return on investment. This is especially true when comparing android development to other platforms. The tools needed for creating android applications are available for free. There is a wealth of knowledge available online for developing apps. This cuts down on the costs of development.

Android is an open-source program. This also means that there is no cost for using the features of Android or Google for your benefit. You can repackage your custom app, using Android features, for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

For a relatively low amount of money, you can either develop your own application or hire a developer to build a custom app. If you are creating an application for sales purposes, you can expect a high return on investment, if the app appeals to the target demographic.

5 – Easy to Integrate : Android applications are easy to integrate into your existing business operations. Productivity applications are incredibly beneficial to businesses. In the past, Windows was the preferred Enterprise solution. But Windows is not able to compete with Android when it comes to the convenience of having a mobile business platform. With mobile android applications, you can create custom business apps for off-site employees, for creating a ticket system, or for improving the productivity of your workforce.

These solutions are much easier to integrate when using a mobile application. The cost of deploying a business app across multiple units is also much more affordable than deploying a new piece of software to hundreds of computers. You do not have to spend an entire afternoon deploying the new application across your work terminals. The app is available instantly for use on any device.

Those are the top five reasons to start developing an app for your business. You do not need technical experience to get started. There are many qualified, independent app developers that help businesses create custom applications. Begin thinking about how you can use an app to further promote your business.

Brian Cook, the author of this guest article writes in support of Terraform, a leading android developer in Calgary, Alberta.

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