Bookkeeper’s Job Made Easier With Office 365


Accounting firms can be greatly benefitted by the Microsoft Office 365 for its galore of features. The features are so designed that it gives flexibility and convenience at its best. Accounting firms have a number of challenges that poses as hurdles in their success path. They need integrated accounting software that can encompass all their requirements.

The global business scenario is so changing with lot of reliance on the internet. Mobility has become the crux of all the essential elements of business environment. Today people travel the length and breadth of the globe as business has crossed the boundaries of nations. What is required by any firm is the sophisticated yet convenient and user friendly software that can be accessed at any time.

Bookkeeper’s Job Made Easier With Office 365

The latest entry into the software segment by Microsoft is the Business Office 365 which comes with benefits that is unmatched by any other accounting software. It provides a one stop solution to all the problems associated with the accounting firms. Complex hurdles faced by the chartered accountants or the certified public accountants are now getting a chance to face these challenges with more confidence. Most of the challenges are tackled by the so programmed office 365 with some in-built features. These features have been designed keeping in mind the complex structure and challenges that is often contemplated by the accounting firms.

Accessibility and Control in the Absence of Cloud

While cloud computing has been in the industry for quite some years now, many of the accounting firms are still reluctant to enter into this world of change. There can be reasons that are justifiable like safety, control and accessibility. Many firms fear that as the files are stored on the cloud it can be accessed by anyone. They have the fear of confidentiality that is a complete misconception about the cloud.

In the absence of the cloud storage a whole lot of background works needs to be done on regular basis. The disk space tends to over load and so is the storage and retrieval segment. Hardware and software needs will keep on increasing as the business and the clientele grow.

Easy Accessibility with Cloud

One of the major benefits of the office 365 is the free cloud project software that can be easily accessed at Accessing the files of your clients from anywhere is made possible giving you the flexibility. Office 365 is a comprehensive package that can cover most of the requirements of an accounting firm. It is not just cloud that is most fascinating aspect of office 365, but covers other application like word, excel, PowerPoint and so on.

Scalability is Possible

The packages of office 365 can be understood at the It comes with 5 licenses for every subscription which gives the option of multiple machine users. Web conferencing and messaging service will help in enhancing the communication system in a great way. This is made possible with no added cost and also improves the coordination among the branches of firms at multiple locations.

Easier Storage

Accounting firms are burdened with files and documents of their large clientele. Storing these numerous data and files can be a herculean task. A dedicated system may be required for this process. With free cloud project software you can easily store the data on the cloud and thereby eliminate the tedious in house storage process.


The confidentiality is the essence of any accounting firms business. But when the files are stored in-house the chances of malware and the data getting lost beyond retrieval can be very dangerous for the survival of the business firm. With the concept of geo redundancy, office 365 of Microsoft helps in easier backup and faster retrieval too. During the time of crisis, such cloud storage can be a blessing as it helps in business continuity without loss of valuable time while the files can be retrieved in no time.

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