In-Demand Career Paths For People Who Love Math


Math plays an important role in many careers in many different fields. Some are obvious, but many careers incorporate math in ways that you might not think about. Pharmacists and medical professionals have to measure medications they administer. Teachers calculate grades.

Math lovers will find that there are a lot of careers in different fields they can choose from that give them a chance to use their mathematical skills. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects the average job growth rate for all occupations to be 5% through 2028. Many of these mathematical careers have notably higher job growth rates, which means there are plenty of opportunities for people pursuing these jobs.

Portfolio Managers

In-Demand Career Paths For People Who Love Math

Portfolio managers make investment decisions for their clients. They use resources such as to assess the potential profitability of investing in different types of cryptocurrency. Portfolio managers research to identify the best investments that will yield profits for their clients.

These professionals typically need a bachelor’s degree in a mathematical field, such as mathematics, statistics or economics. According to the BLS, the job growth rate for portfolio managers will exceed the national average job growth rate for all occupations through 2028, which indicates solid demand in this field.

Mathematicians and Statisticians

In-Demand Career Paths For People Who Love Math

Mathematicians and statisticians both rely on their analytical skills to evaluate data. They also use their skills to develop new approaches to math. Their mathematical skills are also used to create surveys that will enable them to get the kind of data needed to make accurate determinations about the topic of the survey.

A master’s degree is typically required to qualify for these careers, although some may enter the field with a bachelor’s degree. Other aspiring mathematicians and statisticians may opt to complete a doctoral program before entering the workforce. The BLS reports mathematicians are expected to see a 26% job growth rate through 2028, while statisticians should see job growth of 31% during this same time period.

Market Research Analysts

In-Demand Career Paths For People Who Love Math

Market research analysts typically prepare for their career by earning a bachelor’s degree in math, statistics or market research. Their job is to determine the potential profitability of new products. They use statistical data and information about sales trends to make these projections.

Market research analysts analyze all the information they have and then break it down to make it clear for executives so that they can determine whether or not to proceed with the project. Per the BLS they are expected to enjoy a job growth rate of 20% through 2028.

Cost Estimators

In-Demand Career Paths For People Who Love Math

Demand for cost estimators is almost double the national job growth average, which makes this a good career field for math lovers to consider. They gather information about expenses and then determine how much it will cost to complete a specific project.

Cost estimators may combine the anticipated costs of labor, materials, legalities, and equipment to determine how much it will cost to build a house, for example. They also look for ways to reduce costs. It’s common for cost estimators to work in manufacturing or construction. Strong math skills are essential for these professionals.

Financial Managers

In-Demand Career Paths For People Who Love Math

Financial managers gather financial data and create financial reports. They need strong mathematical and analytical skills to evaluate a lot of data and make calculations. Some create projections for potential profits or losses, based on economic factors.

Others prioritize establishing financial plans that will help their employer meet specific financial targets. The BLS expects opportunities for financial managers to grow by 16% through 2028. It’s common for financial managers to begin their careers as an accountant or financial analyst before moving into this role.

Forensic Psychologists

In-Demand Career Paths For People Who Love Math

With an online forensic psychology degree, you will qualify for a career in the forensics field. Forensic psychologists combine mathematical and analytical skills and their understanding of human behavior to evaluate people who are charged with crimes. They determine if the person has enough of the symptoms present to qualify for a specific diagnosis and whether or not they are capable of standing trial.

They also do assessments of witnesses to evaluate whether or not they’re credible. The BLS expects opportunities in this field to increase by 14% through 2028, which is almost three times the average job growth rate for all occupations.

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