Why It Makes Dollars And Cents To Re-Purpose Your Existing Research Materials


Have you ever noticed that after a year or two running your own Internet business you seem to have created more material than your hard drive can hold? Why? The only good reason to save that information is so you can reuse it to bring in more people to your site.

Are you held back from reusing material out a sense of confusion about how to go about it? Or is it because the concept of “article marketing” leaves a bad taste in your mouth? Let me say, for the record, that I cannot stand what passes for “article marketing” today. If you like sending bad articles to poor websites, go for it. But don’t look to me for help.

What I am talking about is how you can use information you already have to make contact with people you haven’t been able to reach before. While you are reaching new customers, you will also be strengthening your core customer base and increasing your Google reputation. I know that whatever you’re selling, from floor lamps to glasses to Cuisinart 4-slice toasters, you will be glad to welcome new customers.

Your Time and Effort is Valuable: Make the Most of Both

As you get started, begin by deciding which of your current web pages have had the most individual hits and time spent on it this year. Once you choose this page, think about how you can expand it to further uses.

Here’s why this works so well: you have already done the research, which is much more difficult and time consuming than the actual writing. You may very well have an article that took you several hours to research and about 60 minutes to write.

So, let me show you how to take the information you already have and repurpose into a new article on the old topic. You could even repurpose it over and over again, up to a nearly infinite number of times. Then you can take these new articles and submit them to important sites that will attract attention to you and what you are selling.

If you need more convincing, read on.

Making the Most of What You Wrote

As I said earlier, I despise article marketing. I have good reason to, and am making it my life’s mission to see this despicable practice ended in my lifetime. Why? Because I am tired of seeing otherwise bright people waste their limited resources on advice from people who claim to know how to help them when they actually know nothing at all. In fact, I feel so strongly about this that I once wrote an article to acquaint others with these dangers.

Altogether it took me about three hours to gather information, get a few quotes and locate the appropriate statistics to make my point. I then consolidated this information into one, 3,700 word outline.

With a little effort, I turned this outline into two articles. The first ran about 3,700 words and covered the material I had gathered in depth. The second, which was more of just a summary, was only 1,200 words long. I posted the first article on, while the other ended up on

From these two articles, I noticed a significant jump in traffic to my site. I know that I also gained a good bit of brand awareness. One of the best effects was the surprising number of re-tweets I got on what I had written. Another thing however, was a call I got from AffiliateABCs.com0. They were intrigued by the topic — that they ended up interviewing me on the topic. The interview went well and was, in turn, rebroadcast on Geekcast.FM.

Still, I felt I could still get more out of what I had learned, so I hired a freelance writer to compose a total of three different articles based on the material I had already produced. I send each of these articles to a different website that I knew accepted guest writings. Then, as the sort of icing on the cake, I got permission to re-air the original interview on my show, Coffee Talk.

The final total revealed that I had gotten 8 different articles and 3 podcasts in return for three hours of research.

My point is that you can successfully use and reuse material to get more bang for your buck.

In order to do so successfully, however, you must make sure the pieces that you have already exerted energy to produce are only reproduced in the best way possible. To do this, you must rewrite them yourself, or hire someone to do it. Spinning is just a waste of time. Then, send these quality reproductions to high quality websites with a ranking of PR3 or above.

While what I am talking about may strike you as just another SEO method, remember that just one backlink connected with a good PR3 site is the equivalent to 1,000 links from a useless PR0 page. In fact, there is a real possibility that your reputation can even be harmed just by being associated with such sites.

Obviously it will take a little time to rework your original content. At the same time, I believe you will find that this time will improve your sales of everything from decorative pillows or Cuisinart coffee-makers or dog treats.

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