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Good Quality, slim, easy to handle design, perfect call quality Nokia6350. The features include 3G, push to talk and GPS. Nokia 6350 is another phone AT&T has produced after Nokia Mural this season. It has all that you require in basic communication, and it will be a good purchase incase you are a fan of Nokia, but not the best choice for multimedia phone. The call quality is perfect and it is pocket friendly in terms of it is price.

Design Nokia 6350  
It is designed in an attractive way, it is slim, smoothie touch and has smooth lines which cover most part of the phone in front and it is behind. When it is opened it forms smooth curve, like most Nokia flap phones from U.S. designs. The phone is portable as it is small in size measuring 3.67 inches by 1.86 inches by 0.68 inch and 3.62 ounces. According to the company the phone is free of harmful materials and 80 percent of it is components can be recycled. It comes in two distinct colors gray and red but the properties are similar in the two phones.

The external display is about 1.36 inches, but has got greater support of 262,244 colors. It shows date, battery life, time, signal strength, and caller identification. It has got a camera which is above the display and below it is detective music control. Music controller is used to regulate and activate music without necessarily opening the phone. On the lower side, it possesses the small keys which need to be pressed firmly. The last in outer of the phone is the volume rocker and a button which you usually push when you want to talk. The micro charger or USB port is on the phone right hand side. The microSD card is placed behind the cover of the battery.

The inner display is about 2 inches in size and can support 16.7 different million colors which have got 320by240 pixels. Due to this high resolution the phone has bright attractive colors with graphics which are sharp and 6350 delivers. You have the alternatives screen which enables the user to change font size in it is home screen more often. It is also possible to change shortcuts on home screen.

The navigation functions in four different ways with middle being OK function, shortcut for browsing, GPS feature and two shortcuts. This shortcut makes it possible to operate the phone with easy. You can personalize these shortcuts with toggle. The keys have well written numbers and are large with a bright backlighting.

Features of the phone
The phone has got contact phone book of about 1000 contacts, 2 emails, a birthday, street address your name and nickname. It is also enriched with place where you can store company name, job title and your notes. There is chance where you can save callers in different groups and pair them with different ringtone, photo or video.

The other essential features are calendar, multimedia message, notepad, calculator, stopwatch timer, calculator, speakerphone, and a to-do list.  There is a Bluetooth which makes it easy and possible to share music and other information from other devices which are compatible.

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