Top Five Fitness Applications


Top Five Fitness Applications

In today’s fast-paced society, finding the time to stay fit has become increasingly difficult. Regular exercise, however, has been shown to help reduce stress and improve health. Unfortunately, many live busy yet sedentary lifestyles. This is why it is important to incorporate regular exercise with clear fitness goals into the daily routine.

Thankfully, fitness applications made for the iPod Touch and iPhone can assist in setting fitness goals. One should follow regular workout plans, and track fitness progress daily. One benefit of using an iPod or iPhone fitness application is that it can be taken anywhere so workouts may be scheduled when and where is most convenient. The top applications are low cost, user friendly, and convenient.

The Top 5 Fitness Applications

1. iTreadmill. This is a Harvard Medical School recommended app for iPhone and iPod that can be used while running or walking. It has many useful features, including:

*Portability. It can be taken where ever needed and used whenever convenient, even while watching television. It is small enough to fit in your hand, pocket, or purse.

*Highly Accurate Pedometer. It is accurate in counting your steps while working out.

*The Dial Pacer Feature. iTreadmill may be programmed to set whatever workout pace is needed. A paced ticking sound helps the user keep pace while running or walking.

*History Chart. This helps to keep track of your progress.

*Highly Affordable. It costs just $.99 to download from the iTunes store.

2. iTrain. This app is like a personal trainer in your pocket. It allows for downloading of individualized training workouts onto any mp3 player. Some of its workouts, each costing under $15.00, include:

* iTread for LiveStrong. iTread is a multilevel cardio workout with levels for walkers, joggers, runners, and experienced runners. It includes interval training, hill climbing, and long runs.

* iCycle. This is also a multilevel workout and is designed to help with cycle workouts climbing hills, interval training, and long rides.

* iClimber elliptical workout. This workout can be used on any climbing machine or elliptical, making the workout more effective and interesting. It includes cross-training workouts and interval training.

* iRow. Used with an indoor row machine, workouts with iRow target your abdomen, legs, and arms. These workouts help to build muscle, increase endurance, and lose weight.

* iClimber for the Arc Trainer. This workout helps increase cardio fitness, improves metabolism, and helps with weight loss.

* iSculpt Traditional and Ballet. i Sculpt Traditional is a total body workout requiring 3-5 pound weights. ISculpt Ballet helps in achieving lean legs through a ballet dance workout.

* iStrength. This is a guide for effective strength training in the weight room or even at home without equipment. Body areas worked include the legs, chest, abs, back, and arms.

* Yoga and Pilates Workouts. These help with increasing flexibility, reducing stress, and building strength.

* iTeentrain Workouts. These are dance workouts done to hip-hop and are designed with the idea of making working out fun.

If you do not have an iPod, iPhone, or iPad, there are many online personal trainers that can help with your fitness needs.

3. iWorkout for iPod. This app can be downloaded for $19.99 and includes:

* Over 100 workout videos targeting every area of the body.

* Illustrated fitness guides.

* Tips from trainers.

* Fitness charts.

* Workout routines for every area of the body.

* Weight training workouts.

* Circuit training.

* Advice on diet and nutrition.

4. Lose-it! for iPhone. Lose-it! is a versatile application which helps in achieving weight-loss goals by:

* Helping to create and store weight-loss goals

* Calculating the correct amount of calories needed in order to reach the weight-loss goal

* Tracking food intake with a diet log so you can keep track of how much you are consuming.

* Logging the intake of nutrients and the number of calories burned during exercise.

* Charting and keeping track of weight loss progress in comparison to the weight loss goal.

5. Women’s health workouts. These videos based workouts can be found in Women’s Health Magazine. With registration at Women’s Health Magazine website, every video workout (beginner level to advanced) may be downloaded onto a portable mp3 player or iPod for free. Some of the 32 featured workouts which may be downloaded include:

* Ultimate Arms. Exercises aim at toning arms and building the upper body.

* 20 minute Abs. These exercises burn fat and build muscle in the abdominal area in only 20 minutes per workout.

* Fat Frying Workout. This is a full body 30 minute workout which helps to build muscle and burn fat.

* Best Workout for Your 30’s. The focus in this workout is to build muscle and strengthen bones.

* Cardio Carve. This circuit-training workout helps to burn fat and build muscle tone throughout the body.

* Stress Busting Yoga. Four yoga moves help to relieve stress, stretch muscles, and lessen anxiety in this 15-minute exercise plan.

The use of affordable fitness applications for iPod and iPhone helps provide convenience, affordability, and the effective organization needed to reach fitness or weight-loss goals. With the wide variety of applications offered, there is sure to be an app to please just about anyone.

Author Bio: Cynthia is a freelance writer for a weight training website full of weight training exercises. Her main purpose is to bring the tehcnology realm into the fitness realm. She enjoys keeping up-to-date on the newest fitness gadgets and sharing them with her readers. On her free time, she enjoys traveling the world.

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