6 Awesome Music and Photography Apps For Your iPhone


6 Awesome Music and Photography Apps For Your iPhone

There is a bunch of awesome music and photography apps for your iPhone out there and it will be a pity not to make the most of your device. Try to grab at least one or two of those listed below and you’ll see how much better your device will seem. Note that most apps listed next are free, which is rather surprising considering how awesome they are.


If you’re familiar with the Pandora music streaming service then you’ll know what this iPhone app is all about. Pandora lets you play music based on your taste and it’s one of the best tools for discovering new music that you can get for free. You can use the same Pandora account on your computer as well as on your iPhone, so you can always quickly access the channels that you’ve previously played. Finally, Pandora for iPhone is well made: it works like a charm.


If you don’t have access to Spotify in your location then Mog is an excellent alternative. It’s strikingly similar to the former, letting you listen to a huge cloud music library which includes many popular artists. With Mog you can listen to your favorite music in two ways: stream directly via 3G or Wi-Fi or download songs while you’re online and then listen to them later, when you’re off. Mog is a must check because it has the capability of playing music in the background while you do other stuff with your device.

Photoshop Express

The question of whether Photoshop Express is for you depends on what editing features you desire on your device. If you want complex editing features, then Photoshop Express is not for you. Similarly, if you want only basic features, then again it’s not for you. However, if you want something in between, i.e. only the essential editing features that enable you to work on your photos on the go, then Photoshop Express is arguably the best free app of its kind. It lets you apply filters, adjust color, insert borders, and even add a few effects.


There are a lot of complaints about the iPhone’s built-in camera. Many find it too much like the average digital camera and thus don’t expect too much from it. Camera+ is a photography app that can help you fix this inconvenience – you can compare it with a SLR camera. Camera+ comes with a stabilizer, timer, burst mode, and cool editing capabilities. Want more from the iPhone camera? Get this app.


Your iPhone can be a great music instrument if you put the right apps on it. Bloom is one of those tiny apps that let you compose music by tapping with your fingers on the iPhone screen. But it’s not only about sound: it also creates visual patterns. Bloom is accessible: it can help you with the composing. Check it out if you want an app that you can play with for a long time without getting bored.

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