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Many fellow iOS users out there probably agree when I say Safari is a quite boring web-browser. Its user interface is very dull and tends to load web-pages at a much slower pace. It’s sort of like Internet Explorer on Windows-based computers – nobody likes it.

There are many alternatives to choose from in-regards to an iOS web-browser. Only a few contend at towering levels above Safari. Now we will briefly review some of those convenient web-browsing alternative applications.

Everyone nowadays seems to prefer using the Google Chrome browser on their computer and iOS device over almost any other browser. Completed tests have shown that Chrome is a tad bit faster with loading webpages. But what I have come to enjoy is the unlimited tabs feature, whereas Safari limits you to eight tabs. Even flipping through the different webpage tabs is flawless – it’s just like fanning a deck of cards.

Login with your Google account to sync all tabs, bookmarks, and data to the cloud. This allows easy sharing of data across all iOS devices and furthermore your computer.

It’s a real organized browser with an utterly sleek user interface. This is designed for the iPhone and iPad free of charge to anyone.

Dolphin Browser
Numerous times over the past few years the Dolphin Browser was named one of the best applications on iOS. I believe that the user interface is very attractive and the bookmark’s tab is neatly organized. Overall the web-browsing experience is significantly fast – even speedier than Chrome and Safari.

But what I love about Dolphin is the voice search ability which seems extremely accurate most of the time. There is also a sweet ‘draw gesture’ search function, but it’s not very time efficient in my opinion.

Dolphin even has an easy single-tap share button for Facebook and Twitter. All these features aren’t bad for it being a free iPhone browser.

Opera Browser
I was never a huge fan of the Opera web-browser on desktop systems, however the iOS browser app is a whole new story. Webpages load much faster because they compress data by 90% before transferring the data over to the user. This even helps save data for users running on a 3G or 4G connection.

The navigation bar buttons are slightly larger than competing browsers, so they are much easier to push. I generally love that the Opera navigation bar and setting’s panel buttons stick out thanks to the nice design work. All this happens to be free on the iPhone and iPad.

Final Thoughts
They are all phenomenal web-browsers that have their advantages, but I believe it all comes down to user interface. The Dolphin and Chrome browser have honestly the best drop-dead gorgeous designs. Under the speed department, they all load within a second of each other, so it’s not a huge difference.

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