Keyboard Case for iPad 2 by Crux360


You are having your funds tight and waiting for the release of iPad 3 but if you have purchased version 2.0 and want to discover a Bluetooth keyboard then you must check what crux360 got. It is not a new one that has been launched but it has a full range of motion which makes it a nice accessory for your apple slate.

The keyboard of crux360 fits nicely and it don’t need extra border in the top part of the case. The buttons of keyboard are very close to each other. Those who are used to in typing the similar kind of devices it’s not difficult for them to type but it is difficult for those who have large hands had some issues. The spaces between the keys have been very small.

The keyboard of crux 360 is bit different from other keyboards. The keys have individual buttons. On the top of keyboard there are function keys which help you to make cutting and pasting easier. Connectivity is a way to devices with the help of which we don’t have a problem of connecting issues. The Bluetooth worked very well with the keyboard and was easily performed with the help of the buttons which are at the top of keyboard.

After typing a post on a crux 360 we are able to know how useful the device would be in a variety of situations. After installing the ipad the case become heavier in a lap. It looks like we are wrestling with our laps from time to time to fit the keyboard. When we fit the keyboard in our laps then our slate stayed in place nicely. There will be a weight balance problem in certain positions. When all the things have been set up then there is only a problem of conversion of track pad, which is only available in crux loaded model.

Keyboard is used for typing some posts to see that our typing is improved or not but in that keyboard it takes some time to getting used to it, but once we got control of the spacing, typing accuracy will show much improvement.

This case would be nice for casual users but if you are not a casual user then you may look for something a little more roughly. There are many options which provide some support to you and to your wallet as well. You can also buy clam case in the same price. This is also made up of the similar materials like crux 360.If you are looking for something that you can take in the meetings or take as a notes in the class then crux 360 is best for you.

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