3G’s Knocking Live Video Updates Using Some Great FaceTime Features


Knocking Live VideoIt’s always a really neat and memorable experience to share your live streaming videos with other people when you have something awesome ( or not so awesome) happening right in front of you. The application Knocking Live Video, which I reviewed recently, is the best at achieving this. You have two cameras on the iPhone 4, the front and back, . The newest version of Knocking Live Video, allows you to use both sides of the camera and allows sound as well. If you’re in need of a light, the LED flash can be extremely helpful in those moments where the darkness overshadows the important stuff you are trying to catch on live video. Quality control over the video has always been something professional and novice film makers like to have the reigns tight on.  You have some choices when choosing the quality of your videos as well. If you are videotaping using a WiFi network, then your video may not be as good as if you were suing something else to film it in. One of the main reasons I really like Knocking Live Video, is because you can run the application through 3G. One of the down sides to using FaceTime is that it is not compatible with 3G’s (making it much less desirable for me). You can turn your speaker phone on and share your videos with one other person but it will only fly one way. If you’re caught in a moment that you can never duplicate in a conversation or never fully explain it unless you actually have the visual proof, this application is an absolutely great way to get your point across.

If you have any model iDevice that is currently a newer running model (past the iOS4 versions),  then this application should work easily and effectively on your phone. If the application detects that whatever connection your currently using to stream video is not a strong one, then it will notify you over the app. So your aware that your video stream could possible be interrupted (but we hope not).  Sometimes I think that this is because the information superhighway is just packed too full with people loading down the Internet. As long as your working with a good, strong connection, you should be power housing some really cool live streaming movies with this new 2.0 application.


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